Why Is Boxing Good To Include In Your Cardio Routine?


Boxing is an intense, physical sport that is not for the faint-hearted. It requires strength, endurance, balance, coordination and a lot of cardio stamina. And there is a wealth of research to suggest that cardio or “aerobic” exercise benefits our bodies and minds. That’s why boxing is a good discipline to add to your workout repertoire.

Source: Pixabay

Great for boxing and non-boxing fans alike

Source: Pixabay

Even if you are not a fan of the sport, you should consider using boxing in your cardio routine. Boxing does not just mean getting into a ring and sparring with an opponent. You can shadow box and box with a bag – both will help with your overall conditioning and boost your cardio performance. Besides, boxing can be great fun and is the perfect way to release some tension after a stressful day.
By incorporating boxing into your cardio routine, you will improve your upper and lower body strength and bolster your core. You can also use boxing in conjunction with a healthy diet to lose weight and improve your overall muscle definition.

Getting started with a boxing workout

Having said all that, just stepping up to a bag and letting rip is not recommended. You’ll need to learn some moves and work out a routine using traditional boxing punches and combinations. All of the energy you release needs to be focused on specific drills and routines so you can reap the benefits of your time in the gym.
If you haven’t watched much boxing, you should spend some time studying the professionals including the big names in the latest boxing odds such as Josh Taylor, Terence Crawford, Oleksandr Usyk, Naoya Inoue and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Watching these greats will give you an idea about how boxers in different weight categories approach the sport.
You can then try and emulate some basic moves through shadowboxing. This is important before you put on some tape of gloves and start hitting the bags. Shadowboxing helps you to develop different combinations of punches such as jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. You can also use small dumbbells to build up your punching power and speed.


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