Top 5 Ways to Boost Muscle Recovery


Had a tough workout? Feel like whenever you move, you ache? Don’t let muscle pain ruin your day, and don’t be put off working out. Follow these simple tips and tricks to relieve your sore muscles. You’ll be up and able to move freely in no time!


When suffering from muscle pain, the one thing that can make it ten times worse is having an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Is your mattress making your muscles hurt more? Are you as comfortable as you can be when you’re in bed? Look into a new hybrid mattress to help your body out. A hybrid mattress combines the best features of different types of mattresses. You’ll want the best hybrid mattress to ease your aches and pains. It really is a must-have in order to look after your body! Getting a better night’s sleep isn’t just good for muscle recovery; it will also help with mental health, your immune system, and many other important health factors.


Tiny tears in muscle tissue occur when working out. To help your body fight and repair these small tears the body, uses protein. It is so important to make sure to fuel your body with the correct nutrients it needs. Some people drink protein shakes before or after working out, which can come in many different flavors. Some people, however, rely on protein snacks and foods. Whether you’re helping your body out by drinking a protein shake or eating high protein-filled foods, your muscles will definitely thank you for it. Even a banana smoothie can make a huge difference in your post-exercise recovery.


Water is such a vital part of muscle recovery, among many other things. It is so important to keep hydrated not just as your working out but the rest of the time too. Water will speed up the process of muscle recovery massively, by helping your body digest all of the nutrients going in after your workout, to help repair your muscles. Dehydration often makes your muscles hurt more, so hydrate yourself properly.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are not one of the most comfortable strategies for easing muscle ache, but they are so beneficial in removing those troublesome knots and pains. A foam roller increases circulation around your body and helps your muscles to relax. It is important, however, to not go overboard when using your foam roller; little and often is the best way to use it.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up before a workout is the act of doing a low impact exercise before fully going into your workout. It can prepare your body for strenuous exercise, by increasing your blood flow, and will help with muscle soreness post-workout. Cooling down after your work out is a step that is definitely not to be missed. It can clear lactic acid from your body, and it will regulate your blood circulation. Also, if you stop your workout straight away without cooling down, you can start to feel somewhat light-headed and unwell. So, it is definitely a priority, not just for how you feel straight away, but also how your muscles will recover post-workout, too.
Taking note of these tips and tricks will save yourself the aches and pains later on. Muscle soreness will last for up to two days after exercise, so it’s important to take all measures to help repair them so that the next few days will be pain-free. If your muscles are abnormally sore or the pain lasts longer than a few days, consult a doctor to check everything is OK.


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