Technology can make fitness fun and effective


Every new-year, people make resolutions about working on their fitness goals. The energy that you start the year with drains out in just a few weeks. Then comes a time when people lack the motivation to even get out of bed to workout. Then they just give up and wait for the turn of the year to begin again. The goal is always there it’s just the inspiration that is lacking.

If only there was something more to spur people on, something to keep them interesting in the mindless activity that working out is. Technology has made great progress and almost every aspect of our life is dependent on it. Using technology to keep fitness regime fun is the newest trend that is going on. People ‘gamify’ their fitness regime to keep it interesting. There are tons of online games, especially card and casino games to play while you’re exercising. Actually those games can keep your high adrenaline and also give you some profit. Those actively enhance your workout by requiring you to achieve certain goals but also quick, easy and fun games that won’t distract you from your workout and require little more than a free thumb to play properly. Card games like Keno are especially great as there is no time limit and no quick reflexes needed, you can check the attractive online games and start to practice before your workout activity.   Just for comparison, Super Mario Run is probably not the best pick for this sort of thing, after all, but stimulate your brain while your workout targets your body.


Motivation to work-out and loyalty to you regime are the two important elements people struggle to maintain. For this reason the concept of gamification seeks to integrate these elements with game mechanics so that you stay on course to achieve your goal. The idea is that in order to complete a quest players will push their limits and excel, both in the game and their fitness regime. The concept is already being applied in sports coaching and has caused a lot of disruptions.

The mere thought of following a fitness regime is intimidating to most people. This happens mostly because the whole exercise thing is so disengaging. People need a mental stimulus to stay connected to the activity. The fitness routine should have an immediate purpose to keep them interested.

In a recent study a group of 146 (between age 21 and 65) people with sedentary desk jobs who spend 75 per cent of their working hours sitting was divided into two. Both groups were asked to use Fitbits while walking. One of the groups was asked to play a game MapTrek in which your virtual avatar moves along Google Maps based on your movement in real life. The results were just surprising. The group playing the game walked 2,092 steps more than their counterparts each day.

However new behaviour are hard to maintain. So it might happen that those playing MapTrek might get bored after a while. But then again new games come out almost every other day. You could always choose to go on a new quest and stay fit while you are at it.

The challenge to stay motivated

There are various fitness apps available, which are not a guaranteed solution either. But there are apps like Sworkit that functions as a playlist of exercise for you. It gives useful guidelines so that you don’t end up doing more exercise than is necessary. Pair these guidelines with a great set of earphones like the Jabra elite 65t and you have a winning combination.

As we have discussed earlier fitness regime intimidates people because of the hectic urban lifestyle. There is just no time for them to focus their energies to take care of themselves. And it’s not like exercising is an easy task. Gamifying is not a permanent solution. Once you get familiar with a game it gets boring.

In the end it all comes down to how badly you want to be fit. The strength is within you, if you find it you won’t need such external stimulus to stay motivated.


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