Talent & Effort


They seem to be inversely related at times. Sure, you could be blessed with great talent (or what I’ll call genetics), but if their isn’t the conscious effort to express superior genetics, it’s arguably a wasted gift.

Effort is the one thing you have complete control over. Regardless of genetics, you will have a decision to make. Do I put effort in today?

Effort is not necessarily showing up early and staying late. You hear that a lot about someone. “He’s always the first to show up and the last to leave”. I do think that there is a correlation between that statement and effort displayed by said person.

But, anybody can show up early and stay late. That’s not the hard part. It’s about what you do within the time that you’re there. Do you do the little things that “don’t matter” with precise detail and laser focus?

Effort and talent are two things every athlete needs to some degree. There are more factors that make a good athlete, but I think like this:

Talent + Effort = Athlete

Some athletes are good because they have all talent and no effort. Some are good because they give the most effort, but lack talent. The best athletes in the world tend to have high levels of both. If you could max out on effort every single day and improve the athlete equation, why wouldn’t you?

John Grace

John Grace

Sport Performance Coach at Athletic Lab
John is a Sport Performance Coach at Athletic Lab. He earned his Master's degree from Ohio University in Coaching & Sport Science. John holds his CSCS, USAW-L1, and USATF-L1. He is the former Assistant Fitness Coach of the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps FC.
John Grace


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