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Vern Gambetta's Blog
What is Periodization?

Periodization (Planned Performance Training) is the timing, sequence and interaction of the training stimuli to allow optimum adaptive response in pursuit of specific competitive goals. It is: Why you do,…

Ryan Banta's Blog
Bad Winter No Problem

Many coaches have dealt with bad weather all winter.  Coaches must always have back up options for training when facilities or weather does not want to cooperate. Dan Pfaff is the master…

John Grace's Blog
Programming: A Framework

Here’s the slidedeck from the presentation I gave on programming for the Special Olympics of North Carolina. Coaches and athletes from across the state attended this weekend’s coaching education clinic.…

John Grace's Blog
Periodizing Restoration

Restoration methods are typically in place for an athlete to be able to tolerate an increase in training volume, increased intensities, or a simultaneous increase. When it comes to restoration,…

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