Interview with Emmanuel Corvera: 4th Place Finisher at the Olympic Trials in the Race Walk


I had the privilege to interview a total stranger and stud athlete: Emmanuel Corvera. Pacing around my backyard, I recorded the phone interview that bridged the gap from California to Illinois, however, Emmanuel’s honesty and enthusiasm really seeped through my cracked iphone screen and found its way into my ears, giving my mind some new perspectives and insights to better excel in our mutual sport of track and field.

Abandoning running,  Corvera found his passion for the race walk. Despite his new found love and pre-programmed “hard core runner” mindest, success was not a quick fix. In this interview, Corvera shares his set backs, challenges, goals, and mental strategies to overcome the low points, to then ride the highs.

“Once you’re done with that workout, you never ever have to worry about it again but once you finish it, you can call on that workout to remind yourself for any future race and you can remind yourself of that workout and you can say, “I could do THAT so I know I can do THIS, I know I put in the work then for this moment and that is why I am here. I deserve to be here. I know I can do this.”

Sarah Bradley
Expanding on her passion for distance running, Sarah Bradley, is a young lady who finds great enjoyment in interviewing people on their journey pertaining to the sport of track and field and writing about various topics within the sport. She wishes the insights, experiences, and self reflections shared may serve someone, somewhere. Beginning running recreationally at age 18, she has since found substantial improvement. She is mostly silly, but on occasion--when she drinks enough coffee--she is fully enticed in the pursuit of her very best.