Interesting Facts about Running


Numerous individuals around the world go for running regularly. It is so popular that Nike practically built a sportswear empire around it. Which makes sense, as comfortable and stable shoes are practically a necessity that can prevent many nasty injuries.

  • Running is an activity anyone, anywhere can do. Some engage in jogging sessions while some partake in marathons. But there is one thing all of these runners share, and that is great health.
  • Obviously, running is one of the healthiest activities you can engage. There are numerous benefits ranging from potent calorie burning to a variety of cardiovascular benefits. Running regularly aids in ensuring your body is kept healthy for a long time.
  • Additionally, running is an activity that is ideal for individuals of all ages. There have been very young marathon finishers as well as very old ones. Below are some great facts to note about running. They include:
  • Based on a study ran by Arkansas University consisting of over 400 participants, running makes you more attractive.
  • After an intense session of running, breast milk can have a sour taste. The lactic acid created during a demanding workout is assimilated into the milk and changes the taste.
  • Fauja Singh was the oldest person to finish a marathon. He was 100 years of age when he finished at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.
  • Budhia Singh was the youngest individual to finish a marathon. Before he turned 5, he had already completed over 40 marathons.
  • It has been observed by researchers that most of the runners tend to straighten up when an appealing runner of the opposite sex is approaching them.
  • Frequent running is great for enhancing long term bone stability. Michigan University researchers concluded that running three times weekly for 12 minutes can enhance the mineral density of the bone.
  • Individuals who run for an average of over 50 miles weekly have a lower probability of experiencing respiratory diseases. Those who engage in running for 20-30 km weekly have a more potent immune system and have less possibility of getting cold.
  • The oldest obstacle course race is known as Tough guy and it began in 1987. Of recent, the Spartan and Mud rub have been added to the list.
  • It requires 200 muscles to take a step when running.

For more amazing facts about running, check out this infographic.


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