How to Be Fit Like Tarzan: Is the Paleo Workout the Answer?


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In the pursuit of our ideal physique and fitness level, we often look toward certain figures for our fitspiration. Some might aspire to achieve the sculpted physique of Chris Evans in Captain America, or the streamlined muscles of Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Another perhaps surprising fitness inspiration in recent years has come in the form of the tree-swinging adventurer Tarzan, or more specifically, the Tarzan played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard in The Legend of Tarzan. While the film itself received a lukewarm critical reception amid a lackluster box office performance, fitness pundits have taken notice of Skarsgard’s unique fitness routine in the role to become as shredded as Tarzan himself.

Despite the poor performance of the recent film, Tarzan’s iconic status among moviegoers and fitness fanatics alike is undeniable. It is visible today in best-selling gym products such as Tarzan ropes, which people use to build their core strength by replicating the swinging from tree to tree.

On a more general level, there is the popular 2018 Tarzan board game and the 1999 Tarzan video game that remains a cult classic. In a more contemporary vein, there is the Tarzan online five-reel slot game available at NetBet UK, which allows online casino gamers to enjoy all of the elements of the original Tarzan story while playing for real money. The slot incorporates classic Tarzan themes and motifs to create a title that undeniably echoes the ape crusader, and our modern fondness for him too.

It’s clear that the character of Tarzan still has a strong and enduring cultural presence, one that looks set to grow again as the Tarzan fitness routine followed by Alexander Skarsgard becomes more known. The routine is best described as the ‘paleo workout’, given that it is designed to give the physique of a physically active pre-historic hunter-gatherer.

That means that, rather than focusing on building a huge chest and bulging biceps, the workout and diet is designed to give a broad back and huge traps. Jogging and sprinting are essential parts of the routine, with each day starting with a lengthy jog, followed by shorter sprints.

In addition, bear crawls, deadlifting, and kettlebells are necessary in order to build the core and upper body strength needed to swing between those trees. As you might have guessed, Tarzan ropes are also an important feature of the workout regimen and were installed as part of the full-length obstacles course that the director of The Legend of Tarzan had installed in Skarsgard’s home.

Source: Pixaby

As well as a paleo-inspired workout routine, a strict 6000-calorie-per-day diet was also introduced to give Skarsgard the Tarzan physique. The diet also consists entirely of paleo diet staples, with salmon, white fish, shrimp, eggs, green vegetables, and olive oil all featuring heavily in the five meals a day given to Skarsgard. In addition, in keeping with the pre-historic theme, Skarsgard was slapped with a strict eight-month alcohol ban.

The results of this grueling paleo-inspired workout regimen and diet were clear for all to see; Skarsgard managed to gain an astonishing 25 pounds of pure muscle, all while gaining the key physical attributes that people associated with Tarzan. This regimen is not for the faint-hearted, but it clearly gives results.


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