Getting Started On Your Wellness Journey


True wellness constitutes a perfect blending of physical, mental and spiritual health — something incredibly difficult to achieve throughout our hectic lifestyles. Aiming for true wellness involves a commitment towards true change. Because of this, it is very difficult to know how or where to start your wellness journey. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to begin to alter your routine and start your journey towards true wellness.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

It’s no secret that filling your body with good foods promotes a healthy lifestyle. While many turn towards fad diets like Keto or Paleo just to achieve their goal weight, experts have actually found that a more long term commitment to whole foods further promotes true wellness. This means you should adapt a plant-based diet across all of your meals, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily food consumption. This, in turn, will lead to a lower risk for diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression. Additionally, those following a plant-based diet report having more energy and an altogether better mood. Following a plant-based diet also promotes the idea that all food is “good.” Some should be eaten more often, while others (like cake and cookies) should be eaten in moderation.

2. Exercise

The word “exercise” doesn’t have to be synonymous with hitting the gym or trying out one of those hip new fitness classes. Just moving your body throughout the day can go a long way in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Try incorporating some light physical exercises like yoga in the morning or gentle cardio in the evenings. Even just going for a long walk can do wonders in boosting your mood and lessening your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Trying Herbal Supplements

Nature has provided many healthy options for your wellness journey. In fact, herbal medications are actually becoming more popular and now gross $60 billion each year. In many cases, these natural options can work as a great substitute for their conventional counterparts, usually at a more affordable cost. The most popular of these herbal supplements include tea brewed from ginseng or echinacea, CBD oil and Valerian root. All generally promote a sense of calm and tranquility.

4. Meditate

Meditation has several proven benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to promoting a more positive outlook on life. Because of this, meditation should be one of the first steps you add to your daily wellness routine since it is a great way to raise your emotional and spiritual health. If you’re just beginning your journey, try meditating for a few short minutes everyday. Like any activity, meditation will take time to master. Eventually, you should be meditating 20-30 minutes everyday in order to fully relax your mind and body.

5. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep can be as important for your body as exercise and eating whole foods. Those eight imperative hours of shut-eye give your body a chance to reset and heals for the next day. When you haven’t gotten enough sleep, it’s easy to become sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain, overeating, mental fogginess and depression. On the other hand, getting a consistent good night of sleep can lead to higher levels of productivity, concentration and energy.

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6. Explore the Great Outdoors

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93 percent of their life inside. This lack of sunlight can cause feelings of lethargy, leading to lower immunity and higher risk of chronic diseases. Throughout your wellness journey, make a commitment to spend more time in nature. This can be as simple as taking a summer afternoon walk each day, or reading outside instead of in bed. If the weather permits, try to spend at least one or two hours soaking in the sun’s rays and enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Any journey begins with the first step, and the same can be said for your wellness journey. While there are several other methods to strengthening your emotional, physical and spiritual health; these six steps are the perfect way to start you on your way.


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