Why improving your Vertical Jump Doesn’t improve your Dunk

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    Anthony Simon on #231851

    Super good and real article I appreciate you being honest!!

    Quick question, I weigh 170 been lifting for 2 years can squat 1.8x my body weight for 3 reps!! I have a 36 inch running vertical! Any ideas how j can increase my vertical more? Any programs? My speed is my best attribute but strength needs more work! I’m 19 never had any injuries and am 7% body fat. I’m currently walking on to UC Davis basketball team!

    I tried vert shock which focuses on speed and only gained 3 inches so speed is not my weakness

    Mike Young on #231852

    There are no secrets. And unfortunately, the better you get the harder it is to continue improving. I think you’ll continue to see gains with improved strength all the way up to 2x bodyweight full squat. I would start adding more elastic / explosive work that is specific to your preferred jumping style (single vs. double leg takeoff).

    Anthony Simon on #231853

    Sounds good!! Does this program sound good? I heard its best to combine strength training and plyometrics the same day for best results??

    Squat, clean, barbell lunges 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise!! Then do plyos more explosive focus like depth box jumps, single leg box jumps, tuck jumps horizontal bounds then finish off with core work

    Front squats, barbell step ups, snatches, deadlifts 4×6-8 reps

    Then finish off with plyometrics, more speed focused like sprints broad jumps and quick footwork drills then finish off with abs

    Also will be lifting upper body 2x per week

    Would really appreciate a response as I’m trying to dunk with two hands I’m 6 feet 1. Really striving to become the best and not sure if in doing everything right to yield the best results.

    Mike Young on #231854

    I agree. Keep plyos & weights on the same day. Looks fine. I’d always put your most explosive stuff first..so plyos before cleans, cleans before squats, etc.

    Anthony Simon on #231855

    Thanks for the response!! Would squatting ass to grass be more beneficial? Only problem is I can only squat 1.2 times my body weight for ass to grass while parallel I can squat 1.8x bodyweight! Should I sacrifice weight for ass to grass form since it recruits more hamstrings and glutes?

    Mike Young on #231856

    No problem. I prescribe squats of all depths. I like A2G but doing half squats with greater weight can also be beneficial as can lighter jump squats.

    stefan on #231857

    Hey man can i started working on my vetrical.Now im going to gym to work on strenght cus its winter and i cant do plyos in gym.I plan to start plyometrics when good weather starts.Now i dont know if its good to work first on strenght and then plyos because i heard that they are doing on same day.Then when winter comes again i again go to gym for strenght and when again comes good weathet plyos and etc.One more question.I got here about 10 plyos that i gonna do.Im afraid it is too much and if it isnt please tell me how much plyos is too much.And last one.Is better sprinting or running upstairs for vertical?

    Mike Young on #231858

    Hi Stefan- Working strength and plyos on separate days will be fine. Research shows that combining the two is the most effective method though. If you’re able to do plyos and strength work together you’ll have better results. Both sprinting and running up stairs will help for improving your vertical jump however I think sprinting will be better.

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