Whitewashing an Ivory Tower?

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17856

    After looking at training programs of 20 sub 10 athletes, the dirty secret is that sprinting specifically helps the most. While plenty of support exercises have helped, they are a small fraction to a successful program. Everything will work, but how much? Does the hip flexor exercise take off .2 from a 100m dash? I am not going to rant on exercises but the analogy of the toolbox is cliche to the p

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    Ryan Reynolds on #110931

    As the son of a Carpenter and he a son of a carpenter, and that carpenter a son of a carpenter, I grew up in the presence of a huge pole barn and garages of “tools”. But the reality of things were that only a few tools were ever used to build anything. The size of the tool box should only be big enough for you to carry what you have mastered!! I learned this from my father a carpenter. In the world of Sport Performance people would be better off mastering something rather than trying to add a “use once or twice” tool to the tool box. Get great at the basics then you have the right to go to Home Depot and buy that special tool.

    Great post Carl

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