¿Where I can start in multievents trainig?

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        Pablo25 on #237828

        Hi Everyone.

        I’m newbie in multievent track and field training, For now I’m trining in sprinting all week along I mean ….. monday to friday only sprints what means no discus, no shot put trainins/workouts…. only sprint workouts (100 m, 200 m 400 m).

        At 2021 mid there will be a track and field multi event meet that I want to attend for, of course with almost good training and proficiency so my big question is: How I can split a week to train all disciplines included in a decathlon through a year of training?

        In the morning we need to do throws and in the evening sprints?

        I don’t see any clear or logic scenario under wich I can train a lot of disciplines over a yer ….. Please do help me.

        Many thanks.

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