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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #13180

    I saw this cartoon and thought others might find it funny. Even if you don't I suppose it's good that at least Track and Field is making the news.   

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    wisconman on #67981

    You're right, it's not funny at all. This Keith Knight obviously doesn't know anything about sprinting, as his cartoon Tyson is exhibiting terrible running form. Tyson is shown with a lot of posterior pelvic tilt. He is also seemingly floating through the air. As all the readers on this sight know, the more time that you spend in the air, the slower you are going to travel. Because of this posterior tilt, it is obvious that Tyson is going to be overstriding something terrible, and his rear foot is much too far back, it will take too much time for his legs to cycle with so much wasted motion in his legs. Also, his rear arm is kicked back at an almost impossible angle, there is no reason for a sprinter to be using that amount of ridiculous arm motion. I don't think it is funny at all, considering the already false pretenses that most of the public has on proper sprinting mechanics. Bad examples such as this will only serve to further implant bad sprinting habits on the general public. If the only way Track and Field is going to make the news is through poor representations of the very fundamental basis of our sport, than I for one would rather that it be left out.         

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