Welshman's 200m/400m training journal for 203/14

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    Welshman on #205848

    Sun-Feb 9-2014:


    50m x 4 on the bends, from starting blocks. Really focusing on an aggressive drive phase and good positioning. I think not attacking the track last outdoors season let me down a bit.

    Alternating Bounds 30m x 4
    Step (‘box’) jumps x 5
    Single leg hopping ups steps x 3 p/l


    A)Db hang snatch:
    30kg x 4 x 3

    B1)One arm bench:
    30kg x 4 x 5 p/s
    B2)Thigh slap Push ups
    4 x 5

    C1)Db lunges:
    32.5kg x 4 x 5 p/s
    C2)Drop jump for distance:
    4 x 3

    SLRDL x 6 p/l
    Band Knee drives x 15 p/l
    SL calf raise x 20 p/l

    Welshman on #207281

    Forgot to update since Tuesday, not going to detail just describing briefly what I’ve done:

    Tuesday Feb 12 – 60mx8, followed by Plyos + strength
    Wednesday Feb 13 – Core + Mobility

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