Welshman's 200m/400m training journal for 203/14

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    Welshman on #188152

    Got lazy with my old journal for several reasons: Got demotivated and nearly gave up sprinting alltogether, however I have since been training with my University athletics team since October and have become motivated once again and loving training more than ever. I was disappointed with last season since I failed to PB in all sprint events. Although I did have some great acheievements, but I was still unhappy about personal improvements.

    Where I’m at now:
    Started training back in early October with the University, after about 2-3 months off. I’ve found that a new group and a new set-up has made me start to enjoy the whole process of training again. I did have a minor setback around Mid-November when I had a recurring calf injury. I had a strength imbalance, my right calf was stronger than my left, so when it was overworked my left calf was unable to cope. I went to see a physio about it, and I was given a few exercises to strengthen it 7 days a week. But has not been serious enough to stop me training, and I’m hoping to get back to full speed next week. I’m going to try and keep training in running flats as much as I can.


    Well, I’m going to keep this quite brief. Goals are to produce PB’s in both 200m/400m and keep getting stronger. But I’d like to get under 52 seconds for the 400m’s.


    Mon-Tempo’s + Flex/Mob
    Tue-University training (Track) + Lifting + Plyos on occasions.
    Wed-Tempo’s + Flex/Mob
    Thu-University training (Track) + Lifting
    Fri-Tempo’s (If I can get them done, as Fridays are busy for me) + Flex/Mob
    Sun-University training (Hills) + Lifting

    I’m doing tempo’s as an addition to my training, as the University train 3 times a week. For Flexibility/Mobility I’ve been following Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 and it has been working very well so far. For lifting, I’m still following Wendler’s 5/3/1, with some Power cleans before Deads/Squats. Lower body has been getting stronger continuosly but upper body is still fairly weak, as it always has been. Nutrition-wise; I try to east as cleanly as possible, but I’m not taking any supplements.

    I think I’ve covered everything there.

    As of today . . .

    Wed-Dec 04-2013:

    Active recovery:

    10 x 100m, 30 sec between reps

    Followed it up with a quick general strength circuit:

    Push ups x 10, BSS x 10 each leg, V-ups x 10, BW rows x 10, Step-ups x 10 each leg, Superman with a twist? x 10 (Not sure what to call it, saw Usain Bolt doing it on a video off you tube, works the lower back pretty well though), repeated x3 with 60 seconds between reps.

    Welshman on #195254

    Still on top of everything, just had a few log in problems. Had to purchase some new running flats, got the Puma faas 550 and they feel great, and feel very supportive given my calf problems recently.

    Still training with the University and feeling confident for the first time in years for a good 2014 season.

    Last week:
    -Did some 60m’s into the wind for 1 set, 2nd set running with wind on Tuesday
    -Then did a 2 x 4 x 150m’s on Thursday

    This week:
    Tue: 30sec run, 3′, 20sec, 3′, 10sec, 3′, repeat x 4 with 4′ between sets.
    Last night: 3 x 4 x 60m’s, followed by plyos.

    I still have been doing my lifting, dropped 5/3/1 as it was too tiring in order to get anything out of sprinting. So now, I’m only doing DB work (1 arm snatch + one arm clean and press etc) and Weighted calisthenics (chin ups + dips etc), hoping to build a sandbag this weekend as well, and will alternate between DB + Weighted calisthenics and the sandbag for strength.

    Other than that, my first indoor meeting will be around early February possibly. Speed is good at the moment, and looking forward to train over the Christmas period.

    Welshman on #195914

    Sun-Dec 22-2013:

    Hills: Accelerations
    20m x 5
    25m x 5

    All full recovery


    A) One arm clean and press:
    4 x 3 x 35kg

    B) One arm db snatch:
    4 x 3 x 37.5kg

    C1) Weighted chins:
    4 x 3 x 30kg’s
    C2) BSS:
    4 x 10 x BW

    D1) Weighted dips:
    4 x 3 x 40kg’s
    D2) Dumbbell swings:
    4 x 10 per side x 15kg

    Good two sessions. Hill accels felt decent today, although I feel that I force myself to rise up vertically too early, something I need to work on. Strength work was good though.

    Welshman on #197322

    Tue-Dec 24-2013:

    Just a few block starts, to familiarise myself with them again before indoor competitions in the next month or two. Had to stop short unfortunately.


    A) One arm clean and press:
    4 x 3 x 35kg

    B) Db snatch:
    4 x 3 x 37.5kg

    C1) One arm bench:
    4 x 5 x 30kg per arm
    C2) Single leg glute bridge:
    4 x 10 x BW per leg

    D1) Db row:
    4 x 5 x 40kg per arm
    D2) Overhead lunges:
    4 x 5 x 15kg (plate) per leg

    Thu-Dec 26-2013:

    200m x 5

    That was tough given that I ate so much yesterday. But got it done nevertheless.

    A) One arm db clean:
    40kg x 4 x 3 per side

    B) Db one arm strict press:
    20kg x 4 x 5 per arm

    C1) OAPU:
    4 x 5 per arm
    C2) Hamstring gym ball curl:
    4 x 20

    D1) One arm row:
    40kg x 4 x 6 per arm
    D2) Lunges:
    BW x 4 x 10 per leg

    Fri-Dec 27-2013:

    V-ups x 15
    Alternating supermen x 30 (15 per side)
    Side crunch x 10 per side
    Reverse crunches x 15
    Up downs x 20

    Repeat x 3

    Push ups and bodyweight squats

    Didnt manage to get my tempo’s done, so did the tabata’s instead.

    As a quick reflection of this week, my speed is feeling good. Mechanics out of the blocks were bad, but I had expedcted it as I have’nt used blocks in about half a year. Managed to get a good one at the end nevertheless. Probably have put on a bit of weight from Christmas, will watch my calorie intake for next week onwards for a while. Strength is going well so far, so no complaints there. Just ordered some new gear tonight, looking forward to receiving them.

    Welshman on #199381

    Starting from Sunday 29, 2013:

    Sand dune session, did about 6-8 dunes and 3 reps on each. Finished off with some flat sprints on the beach before heading back to the car park. I did some strength work in the evening.

    I was supposed to have a session on Monday but it called off due to the weather.

    Next sessions was Wednesday, did 4 x 150m’s then a seconds set of 3 x 150m’s. These felt really consistent and fairly fast, WB’, 5′. And did my strength work in the evening.

    Other than that, I’ve still been doing my core work, just need to keep on top of doing tempo’s on the regular.

    Welshman on #199561

    Tue-Jan 7-2013


    25m x 10 from blocks

    Not to bad considering, it’s only the second time I’ve been in blocks since half a year. I’d say I managed to get out of them cleanly, but felt some slight lateral movement at the beginning, nothing serious though, will probably fix itself with some more practice perhaps.


    A) Hang Power clean: 50kg x 3, 55kg x 3, 55kg x 3, 60kg x 3, 60kg x 3
    B) Squats: 100kg x 3, 110kg x 3, 120kg x 3, 120kg x 3
    C) Dips: 40kg x 3, 45kg x 3, 50kg x 3, 50kg x 3
    D) Chin ups: 30kg x 3, 30kg x 3, 30kg x 3, 30kg x 3
    E) Single leg RDL: 4 x 6 per leg x 20kg

    First time using a barbell since November, so took thing fairly light.

    Solid day of training, more to come. I’m also hoping to get an Indoor meet done on February 2nd. hopefully.

    Welshman on #199694

    Forgor to post what I did yesterday:

    Jan 9-2014:


    50m, 70m, 90m, 90m, 70m, 50m, then 50m, 70m, 90m. I intended to finish the second set, but I woke up with a stomach bug which made it difficult to run, nevertheless I still felt fast and powerful.


    A)Clean pulls, 60kgx3,80kgx3,90kgx3,100kgx3,110kgx3
    B)OHP, 40kgx5,40kgx5,42.5kgx5,42.5kgx5
    C)Lunges 22.5kg db each hands,x6 per leg 3 sets
    D)OA row, 4x5x40kg

    Finished with some single leg glute bridges and band knee drives in the evening.

    My first time doing clean pulls, 110kg was nice, so that’ll be my working weight for now.

    Welshman on #199806

    Sun 11 Jan 2014:


    A) Power clean, not much worth mentioning really, going to stick with hand P/C, Clean pulls and db snatch for now
    B) Squat, 120kg x 3 x 3, 122.5kg x 3
    C) Dips, 50kg x 3 x 3, 52.5kg x 3
    D) Chin ups, 30kg x 2 x 3, 35kg x 3, 31.25kg x 3
    E) SL RDL 20kg x 4 x 6 per leg

    Squats felt easy today


    2 x 4 x 250m, 8′ 250m x 2 @ 75-80%. Legs were full of lactic by the end.

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone had any experience with epsom salt baths?

    Welshman on #200893

    Been a very hectic few weeks, been busy working towards my exams, but have still been training very hard. Been doing a lot of block work recently, and some 150m’s. I clocked a hand timed 7.26 60m’s, so probably in the 7.4’s electronically. However I did this on my own with no competition, so not too bad. Especially as I stumbled when transitioning and rising.

    Got University Champs from 21-23 of Februaury and I’m doing both 60m and 200m and 4x200m relay. After that my focus will mostly be on the 400m’s with a few 200m’s in the mix as well.

    Welshman on #201740

    Tuesday 28th Jan


    Clean pulls 2x3x110kg
    OA db bench 4x5x30kg
    BSS 4x5x20kg db’s
    Single leg calf raise 4x12x25kg

    Could only lift before sprinting unfortuanetly, no Squats as was planned as the rack was being used.


    150m x 6, pace was decent. Feeling very good over the 150m’s, very intrigued to see how my 200m’s go this season.

    Welshman on #203005

    Thu-Jan 30-2014:


    Hang P/C 60kg x 3 x 3
    Speed squats 60kg x 5, 70kg x 2 x 5
    Dips 50kg x 3 x 3, 52.5kg x 3
    DB RDL 30kg x 3 x 10


    Plyos – bounding, hopping etc up stairs.

    Fri-Jan 31-2014:

    Wanted do some tempo’s, but weather’s been awful all day. Might do some on the rowing machine. Other than that, I’m doing GS and core circuits today.

    Welshman on #203242

    Sun, Feb 2, 2014:


    10m, 20m, 30m, x 3, 60m x 2. All on bends. Not too bad, felt slow and heavy the first few reps, got into it a bit better at the end. Generally, my positioning is quite decent, I manage to stick on the inside fairly well.


    Clean pulls: 110kg x 3, 110kg x 3, 115kg x 3
    One arm bench: 32.5kg x 2 x 5, 35kg x 2 x 5
    Weighted chins: 30kg x 3, 35kg x 3 x 3
    Lunges + RDL w/32.5kg db’s: 5 lunges per leg, 6 RDL’s x 2.

    Squat rack was used again, so couldnt do any squats. Only managed two sets of Lunges + RDL’s as my forearms and grip were giving out. Finishing them off tonight though.

    Looking forward for Uni champs in 3 weeks, very curious to see what I can run, as training has been going better this year than the last two. Then after that, all focus is on the 400m’s.

    Welshman on #203548

    Tue-Feb 4-2013:

    100m’s run, 50m walk, 200m’s run, 100m walk, 100m’s run, x 3 with 3 mins between sets.

    Kept a consistent pace throughout all repetitions, and felt quite strong and relaxed without putting much effort in.


    A) Db hang snatch: 30kg x 4 x 3

    B1) Db step ups:30kg x 4 x 6 p/l
    B2) Drop jump for distance: x 3

    D1) One arm bench:30kg x 4 x 5 p/a
    D2) Thigh slap push ups: 4 x 6

    E1) Db swings:20kg x 3 x 15
    E2) Band knee drives:3 x 15

    We dont train until 6pm, which usually makes things awkward in terms of strength, as I mostly have to do it in the morning before, or at around 10pm. Today, I introduced some complex/contrast training, it’s something that has worked well in the past for me.

    Welshman on #205594


    50m’s x 20, lightly done, nothing strenuous.

    Standing rollouts 2×1
    V-ups x 15
    Superman rotations x 10 p/s
    Lying windshield wipers x 8 p/s
    Crunches x 10 (+ 5 sec pause at top)
    V-ups x 10, Knee hugs x 10, V-ups x 5, Knee hugs x 5

    Repeatedx 3

    Thu-Feb 6-2014:


    A) Hang power clean:
    60kg x 3, 65kg x 3, 65kg x 3

    B) Squats:
    120kg x 3, 125kg x 3, 125kg x 3

    C) Chins:
    35kg x 4 x 3

    D) Dips:
    50kg x 3, 52.5kg x 2 x 3, 52.5kg x 2

    E) Calf stuff


    Weighted sled pyramid session with 20kg. Pretty much minimal recovery, but kept them as consistent as possible, and my speed endurance is definetly apparent, which is great.

    Welshman on #205653

    10-15min recovery run

    Rollouts with rotation x 10
    Alternating supermen x 10 p/s
    Russian twists x 15 p/s
    Gym Ball ab pike x 10 + V-ups x 10 + Scissors x 30
    Plank w/alternating leg and arm raise x 10 p/s

    Repeated x 3

    Calf drills
    Limber 11

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