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        Jason Wong on #226660

        Hi Everyone,

        I’ve been a long time bodybuilder and just recently started incorporating some Olympic lifts into my routine. I believe I have fairly good absolute strength for my size (Squat 180kg @ 77kg BW) and even explosive power (120kg hang power clean) and can box jump 52″ from standing, but my sprints are slow. I used some timers to time my 30m and it’s around 3.9s. This is from a crouched start and timed when I cross the zero meter mark. So converted to a 30m sprint from a real race that’s probably more like 4.1-4.2s. I think I could be a lot faster given my lifts. I’m only concerned about acceleration up to 40m since my interest is general sports performance. Is the key to this doing plyometric movements where there is some sudden eccentric loading like in depth jumps? How are people with weaker lifts / body weight able to run so much faster? Are there certain muscles unique to sprinting that I’m not working when doing squats / O-lifts / box jumps? I understand that it takes years to develop speed usually but I don’t think I’ve yet to take advantage of my “newbie gains” yet. Is taking 0.2sec off of my 30m in a few months reasonable? Thanks

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