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    Matt Norquist on #81931

    4/17 and 4/18 – 36 holes of golf each day. First time playing in 2 years. Was ugly – 104, 97, 94, 90.

    Had about a dozen drives out well over 300 yards, though, which was fun. Plus an eagle on a 591 yard Par 5. Hit a 244 yard 5 wood to within 10 feet!

    Saturday (4/18) did 10x200m up a gentle hill.

    4/19 – Rest

    4/20 –

    1. Full Warm-up
    2. 5x30m starts – untimed. Working on mechanics and staying down through drive phase.
    3. 5xflying 20m – MaxV work (self timed). Accelerated 40m and timed 20m. Times – 2.16, 2.08, 2.05, 1.97, 2.05. The 1.97 felt really good. These are hand-timed, so not precise, but was covering that ground in less than 9 steps and felt really strong.
    4. Multi-Jumps – Running bounds and hops over 20m (trying to hop 5-6x in a row entering at speed is seriously difficult). 18″ drop jumps (2 legs) x5, 5,5; 1 leg x 5, 5.

    By reference, 20m with an 8 stride run-in – I covered in 5.75 bounds – Nick – is that any good???

    5. 6x100m tempo/technique runs – at 400m pace. Run 100m, decelerate, walk curve, jog in, and so on (45-60 sec rest) between each. Ran all between 12.5 and 12.9 seconds.

    6. Cool down

    johnstrang on #81934

    those look like my golf scores…. but on a good day.

    Training looks good, 200m uphill is a killer workout

    Matt Norquist on #81992


    AM – Throwing work – focused on footwork and “reactive throws” with light weight – IE – hitting positions with lower body and going through motions with upper body with light weight implements (12lb shot, 1.6k discus, softball for javelin). 15 with each throw.

    PM –

    Warm-up – focus on speed of repetitions
    50 reps each exercise, sets of 25 (60 second rest between sets)
    1 – Upright Rows- 75#
    2 – Push-ups
    3 – RDL – 115#

    Snatch –

    135 – 3×5

    Incline –
    200 – 4×5 then 1×7.5 (8th rep failure) – 90 second recovery

    Jump Squat –
    45# – from parallel position – explode up to 24″ box
    4×5 (60-90 second recovery) 1×4 – 30″ box

    Squat –

    135×5 (Full)
    225×5 (Full)
    315×5 (parallel)
    385×5 (1/2 squat)
    135×10 (Front squat)

    Kipping Pull-ups – 6×6

    Ab work – Weighted sit-ups and leg lifts

    Matt Norquist on #82066

    Wednesday – 4/22

    Full Warm-up
    Starts (Self hand timed, from contact of first stride):

    15m – 1.99
    25m – 3.16
    35m – 4.14

    Felt great.

    High Hurdles – Hand timed by a coach. Ran with some HS kids today. Felt solid.
    4x60m – 8.92, 8.82, 8.83

    HJ Approach work – No jumps, just approach


    Stand throws – 36-39′
    Full Throws – 38-42′ (Not carrying my speed through)


    Stand throws – 110-120′ – really hitting block well
    Full Throws – 115-125′, with the exception of a 137′ bomb. Furthest I’ve ever thrown under any conditions. This is with a rubber practice discus. I’m amped!

    LJ take-offs/pop-ups – Experimented with different take-off leg. Am usually a L foot jumper (my PB is from L foot, and I can definitely jump higher off my left. Went with R foot b/c I’ve had L ankle and heel pain. I popped a 5.90 from an 8 step (4 stride) run! I’m very excited about this. Feel like I’m carrying speed into the board better this way.

    Skipped intervals – doing them tomorrow.

    Matt Norquist on #82173

    Thursday – 4/23

    BPC (Burpee Push-up Crunches) Circuit –

    5×50 with 60m build-ups between

    PM – Jogged the golf course – 4.5 miles or so – easy. 33-34:00

    Matt Norquist on #82288

    Friday 4/24

    Full warmup including 5 x100m build ups

    HJ approach and take-off work – Scissor jumps – 8 full scissor jumps over 5′ and 5’2″. Missed at 5’4″

    HH – 7x110mh – only 5 hurdles up – (1,3,5,7,9) timed 3 attempts – worked tech on other 4. 16.2, 15.7, 15.2

    LJ – Approach work + jumps from 4 stride (8 step)


    Matt Norquist on #82344

    Saturday 4/25

    Short warm-up
    SP – OHBx5 (best of 15m)
    Stand – 37-39
    Full – 39-42
    Not much better than earlier practice, but that is among my best over OHB throws, and conditions were terrible today (pouring down rain – so tough keeping grip on implement).

    Discus – Picked up where I left off last session, this time put several stand throws out past 125, and a few more full throws beyond 130′. When I was doing this regularly 9 years ago, i had a best of 39.50m (129′ or so), and my best practice throw was only 123′ for full throw and 116′ for standing throw. Those were with competition discus. With a rubber discus, it was about 5′ off that. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I might have 43m in me in this event this year…

    3 x (250/100) with a 50m walk from end of 250 to start of 100. First one was for tempo, next two were working on race pace work (I’d like to run 53.0 or better on 5/9).

    1. 39/12.8
    2. 33.0/12.4
    3. 33.6/12.5

    The 33.0/12.4 tells me I’ve got close to 53.0 in me, but I was fading on the last 50 of the 250 (came through 200 in 26.0 or so).

    Matt Norquist on #82462


    Long Warm-up
    Jogging, miscellaneous sprint drills, dynamic stretching, light plyos

    HJ Approach work – 6x full approach with takeoff
    LJ Approach work – 6x full approach – no take-off – just rhythm. Definitely feel myself decelerating last couple steps as I prep for take off

    Flying 20’s x 6. 40m buildup – Fly 20, coast 20, decelerate. Never really got all the way loose, so worked on technique and relaxation. All 6 from 2.01-2.11. Just didn’t feel right today.


    Running Bounds – 3x5B
    Running Hops – 2×4 each leg
    Depth Jumps – Off of 30″ box onto 30″ box – 5, 4, 3
    Lunge Jumps – 5x each leg (pop up, switch legs, land in starting position)
    Eccentric “stick it” jumps – Drop from 30″ – land at 90 degrees and stick. x 10

    Intervals – 5×120 – 400m pace – Run 120, decelerate, walk 70m – go again. 15.04, 14,80, 15.20, 15.01 (Gets me through 360m at 45.04, putting that at a 50.04 pace for 400m for that workout). 5th one, I had my right quad seize up and I stopped. It didn’t pull, but was close.

    Strange to have a quad pull at the end of an interval workout ??!! Could it be due to the high intensity earlier exercises I did possibly shocking my system, and then when I pushed it with lactic acid in my legs, my muscles weren’t ready?


    aivala on #82463

    I believe that interval part makes the overall volume way too high thus the injury.

    Matt Norquist on #82562


    Well, decided to take it easy on lower body today, due to quad tweak yesterday. Lots of stretching. It’s not pulled, is the good news…..


    Hang snatch
    45×5; 65×5; 85×5; 115×5; 135×5; 155×2,2,1

    RDL: 5 reps each @ 135,155,185,205,225

    Incline:135×10. 210- 4,4,4,4; 220×1,1,1,3

    Dumbell military- 5reps@50,60,70

    Curls dumbell – 50×10, 10

    Pullups -1 @ body weight, +25, +35, +45, +55, +70,+80,+90

    Abs- miscellaneous – 300 reps

    Matt Norquist on #82636

    Well, decided to take it easy on the quad another day… Jogged mile warm-up. Did some really gentle drills, and leg wasn’t loosening up. So I just did throws.


    OHB x 6 – 14-15m
    BLF x 6 – 12-13.5m
    Standing x 6 – 11-12 m
    Glide x 6 – 12-13m

    Even doing the shot (especially on glide and BLF) my quad was tight… Shot is coming along, and I think I could be ready to pop one out over 13 in my dec next week.

    Standing x 6 – 36-39m
    Full – 37-40, + 1 at 42.x

    Discus continues to feel solid. My stand throws were especially strong today. I think I was getting a little tired, and also overly aggressive through the ring, which is why my full circle was a little uglier.

    Jog Cooldown – 1 mile

    Matt Norquist on #82689


    Active 1.5 mile warm-up – Alternate laps of jog and drill. Jog laps were 200m at 1500m pace and 200m easy, followed by slow lap (1:40) followed by lap of sprint drills.

    Mad Dogs –

    Clean and Jerk:

    Flat Bench – Focused on really quick reps
    265 – failed. Kind of weird, as I felt awesome through 245 – kind of expected to pop up the 265 and then do at least 1 at 285.

    Pull-ups – 1 minute: 42

    Push-ups – 1 minute – 97

    Incline Sit-ups – 1 minute – 51 (at medium incline)

    I like doing the 1 minute all out efforts, because it feels like a 400m. For those of you questioning my pull-up or push-up #, please note that these were done for speed, not ROM or technique. Pull-ups were pretty close to legit (not quite a lockout on bottom, though) and push-ups were not quite full extension at top.

    Quad is still a little tender, so will probably do another easy run tomorrow, and then do some good sprint/jump work on Saturday.

    Matt Norquist on #82724

    Friday – 5/1 – Fartlek Run

    6km –

    2 laps jog (3:20-3:40) followed by 1 lap at 1500 pace – 70-75. Did this 4x, followed by 3 lap cooldown.

    Quad is finally loosening up.

    Matt Norquist on #82763

    Saturday 5/2 – Decided to cut loose a little bit more today, as my quad was finally feeling ready to run on. Not 100%, but probably 90.

    Did a short warm-up (total of 4 laps, mix of jog and drills).
    Hurdle Warm-up – 6×5 hurdles – lead leg, trail leg, over the top
    1x60H – 8.85 – This was the same time I got from 2 weeks ago, but then it was with 4 hurdles and sprint out remaining 20m, while this week was with all 5 hurdles. I’m pretty pumped about that improvement.

    Starts – 15, 25, 35 m – Self timed – from first foot strike – Slightly slower than last time, as I was babying my quad. But felt good, and ready to run fast. 2.04, 3.24, 4.21

    2x 4 stride LJ (8 steps) – 5.35 and 5.54.

    1×150 at 17.8. Shut down last 40m. Could have gone 0.3 or 0.4 faster. felt good.

    Matt Norquist on #82875

    Only 4 days til my first dec since May 2000. (Almost 9 years since I finished college). God, I don’t feel that old!

    Just sharpening now…

    Full Warm-up
    HJ approach work – Doing rhythm on Bball court and just jumping up and dunking. Easiest time dunking in a lot of years. Didn’t do anything too spectacular, but definitely easy reverse off 1 foot (and I’m a 2 footed dunker).
    LJ Approach work – 2x full approach
    1x Flying 20m – 1.96 (again, imprecise, as it’s self timed, but was my fastest attempt yet).

    80m – 9.8
    100m – 12.0
    120m – 14.2

    These were at about 90-95%, just slow enough that I could work on technique at speed. Main thing was I didn’t go all out at the start, but focused on mechanics + speed from 50m on.

    Quad still a little tender, and stride was a little bit short.

    After this meet, I am going to go into a new training cycle, where I will spend 3 months focusing heavily on Strength and building a stronger base (both running and jumping). Goal will be to drop body fat to under 10% (from 14 or so), but not lose any weight, and boost vertical, plus other key training marks significantly.

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