Vodka Vindication?

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #15587

    It seems that the readers and myself question The Thinker’s use of questionable shot put tables when the soviet men have one only one gold medal in the shot put when the Americans boycotted Moscow (the only olympics they have one) when we all know explosive 300 pound men tend to find themselves as linemen in Football instead of athletes in the throwing circle. Hammer is a great event but a poor d

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    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #81149

    The Thinker is correct that no method is superior or obviously essential. That is a fact proven by history and science. What we don’t agree on is the real world results of the benefits of olympic lifts compared to those that don’t. In his defense many options can create an elite sprinter or jumper without olympic lifts but let’s be honest here with those that are not getting world class genetics. The histology of muscle clear shows those that spend time in the static lifts have less type IIb fiber than those that use the weightlifts over years, we can deduce that those not representing the top .01 percent are likely to benefit more. If one compares any of the weightroom lifts employed by The Thinker to a powerclean one can see that the lift has more positives if done right. Getting an athlete there later is not a slower path but an path that invests into more options.

    I think we can all agree there are many roads to Rome (i.e. Olympic medals / World records) but it takes some serious assessment of prior methods placed in context along with research data to truly assess what is needed and what is not.

    Can you post some of the research regarding the static lifts that you mentioned?

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