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    aivala on #18920

    Hi everybody,

    I went to a few competitions this years but I suck and I don’t know why. My body is ok, in January I reached 18.40m in the 2 step run in 4B+J and 10.1 m/s with the gates. I was injured in between two months. Right now my speed is at the same level and strength, while not as great, is also ok.

    So I thought that the problem has to be at the technique / mechanics. First jump measured at 6.29, second 6.19, third 6.01. I attached both the full speed versions and slow mo. I was jumping one foot and a half further at school (2008) with 400m training, extremely poor facilities and almost no weight training. This is ridiculously frustrating. I should be jumping 7m like nothing right now.

    The nearest shoe to the board is placed at 13.80m, so I am averaging above 9.5 m/s for these last 14m.

    Slow mo:

    Real time: (here it’s clear that I have more speed than enough…)

    some people there said that it looked as if I was suddenly diving into the pit after the first cycle of my hitch kick but from the videos I can’t tell anything…

    Six weeks ago, 5.80 from 7 step:

    2008, BW like right now, 4B+J at least 3m less than now, not able to hit 9.5 m/s, really cheap spikes, old track, still 6.30 jumping off the ball of my foot!!!:

    Thanks a lot!!!

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