ultrasound treatment

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    Irish100m on #18131

    does it work in speeding up the recovery process of a muscle tear?

    Mccabe on #114117

    I’ve read recently that it doesn’t help but I’m sure there are probably some people who have good evidence for it.

    COV-GOD on #114127

    I prefer infra red and ultrasound, both modalities work really good when used together IMO

    when i have combined these with K/Taping also, i always seem to be back in circa 10/14 days and im usually ok to stair bound after 4/5 days from the injury (hamstrings/tendons etc)

    thats been my experience and advised treatment for my guys

    Irish100m on #114133

    my physio gave me her spare one, and it seems to relieve some of my adductor pain/swelling

    COV-GOD on #114136

    I bought one 6 years ago (when less available and expensive 🙁 lol ) and since got another 3 with different variations, such as additional far infra red

    When I ruptured my bicep femoris tendon, I used them a lot. The rupture was in April, I was able to race again end of may….that’s a full tendon rupture lol

    Craig Pickering on #114137

    From my conversations with physios, its not all that its cracked up to be, and it is hardly used any more (I don’t think I have seen the one at my training centre used for 2 years).

    However, in my personal experience (as per COV-GOD’s) it can be useful for tendon injuries, especially in the later stages of recovery where more invasive treatment menthols make increase inflammation.

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