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    Guest on #41653

    Coach Dillinger was a smart man… he invented the Nike Waffle Racers. He also made Pre the legend he became, but then again the coach doesnt make the athlete, the athlete makes themselve.

    CoachKW on #41654

    Actually, it was Coach Bowerman who pioneered the waffle sole design.  Pre was a combination of a receptive audience, a huge dose of charisma and balls and a couple of coaches who really knew what they were doing.

    Guest on #41655

    o whoops… gots those too confused, isnt Dillinger Oregon University's coach right now. The known burnout and the guy whose coaching Rupp.

    CoachKW on #41656

    Coach Dellinger retired a few years ago. 

    Alberto Salazar is coaching Galen Rupp.

    Guest on #41657

    im behind on my distance facts…

    littlelefty on #41658

    Very informative thanks for the post!

    CoachKW on #41659

    Here at aim to please

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