Training Equipment- Then and Now

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #13546

        Brian wrote the following comment: In terms of what is needed to train elite athletes has the equipment needed changed much since 1968? I think that starting out in 1968 I thought that you needed a lot of equipment. Today I do not believe you do. You need the correct tools to do the job, no more no less. For me today the emphasis in the equipment area is heavily biased toward that which will help

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        antigravitydocg on #67818

        Fancy equipment:
        I am a DI track coach (jumps and throws) and a fanatic about event specific training.
        I have CSCS, Level II and Club USAW cert. (big deal….yes for the knowledge)

        I train on grass over 70% of the time; concrete slabs for throws; for the indoor season my jumper has had three on tarmat days. He jumped 2.10 his first meet, matching last years best. We work plyo's (much on homemade boxes), throw med balls, drill circles and J's. Low volume and high intensity. It's about the knowledge, athleticism and "want to" to be good.

        Many of the best in Europe still rely on substandard equipment. jumpdocg

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        Daniel Andrews on #67819

        It's about the knowledge, athleticism and "want to" to be good.

        I like 2 of the 3, the athleticism part is trainable with the other 2 and they are more important than athleticism.  A knowledgeable and creative coach along with dedicated and knowledgeable athlete is the perfect combination when they can give feedback to one another on the same level.

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