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    Todd Lane on #10262

    Kebba mentioned in an earlier post about Tom’s UCLA career.

    Dwight Stones and Willie Banks to name a few.

    What makes Tellez the best ever is his range of athletes coached- field and track both, all jumps and throws and all sprint athletes. Just incredible.

    How many athletes has he coached that have gone on to win medals at Olys
    Lets start a list—-

    Carl Lewis
    Joe DeLoach
    Dwight Stones
    Willie Banks- no medals- but world record
    Leroy Burrell- no individual medals, but relays and WRecord in 100.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #40523

    Mike Marsh

    ELITETRACK Founder

    Kebba Tolbert on #40524

    Carol Lewis – American record LJ, Bronze medal WC LJ (3 or 4 Oly team – 80, 84, 88, 92)
    Mike Witherspoon (trials 100 winner in 1992… hurt in rounds in Barcelona)
    Sam Jefferson (NCAA Champ in early 90's)
    FLoyd Heard (19.85)
    Kirk Baptiste (1984 silver medal in 200)
    Frank Rutherford (bronze in Barcelona TJ)
    Michelle Collins (NCAA 200m champ)
    Jenny Adams (NCAA LJ/100H champ)
    Stanley Floyd (NCAA 100m champ)
    Mike Tully (18 foot vaulter at UCLA)
    James McAlister (27'0 at UCLA)
    Jerry Herndon (26'7 at UCLA)
    Clarence Taylor (54-11 TJ at UCLA)
    James Butts (54'7 TJ at UCLA)
    Milan Tiff (54'1 TJ at UCLA)
    Denny Rogers (53'7" TJ at UCLA)

    also had a few other 17+ PV ers UCLA.

    also if you look at the Univ. of Houston women's records and top 5 list… they're very solid for the time period that Tellez was there.

    coachformerlyknownas on #40525

    Nothing to add.

    Just gotta jump in on a post that has all my buds and none of the riff-raff.

    scarter on #40526

    You callin' me riff-raff? ummmmm….. wellllll……

    My dad can beat up your dad!


    scarter on #40527

    In all seriousness, here's a Mike Marsh video for you:


    –Smoot "Riff-Raff" Carter (Call me Raffy for short)

    razorbackmiler on #40528

    did anyone else notice his time stopped at 19.73 when the WR was 19.72?

    he was easying up from over 10M out!!!

    what a bonehead mistake. most runners today have never heard of him and that would have put him in the record books nevermind all the extra money he would have made from being WR holder!!!

    davan on #40529

    Too bad he didn't do that in a final or he would have run through. Hard to call it bonehead when he was saving for the finals.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #40530

    The same could be said for Carl Lewis. In fact, if he had run through the line at the 83 National Champs Mike Marsh might not have had a chance at the WR even if he had run through the line. Two cases where easing up at the line to preserve energy cost the athletes big time. Ultimately both ended up winning but running slower in the finals.

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    razorbackmiler on #40531

    ok, it not being a final makes it understandable.

    im not a sprinter so i dont really know, but wouldnt you be able to tell that you are running that fast? i know we are only talking a few tenths of a second here. can a sprinter tell how fast they ran within a few tenths or isnt it a complete mystery until they see the time?

    davan on #40532

    A lot of times you will know that you are going fast, but not really how fast. Stories from Ato and Ben Johnson tell us that some elites can tell to the tenth how fast they are going, but I do not think this is typical for even the elites. I doubt even MJ knew he was running 19.32, but I'm sure he knew he was running "fast"

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #40533

    The paradox is that when you're running really fast it often feels the easiest which can mislead an athlete to thinking they're not running as fast as they really are.

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    eroszag on #40534

    Is he still coaching?any resources (video, books) out of him?

    track400 on #40535

    there is plenty of tellez resources out there, i'd search  you will come up with some good stuff and cheap too.

    eroszag on #40536

    found only sport speed..not good stuff

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