Tom Tellez is Old School…Yeah Right

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #15179

    This morning I had the privilege of interviewing legendary sprint coach Tom Tellez for a sprinting round table I’m putting together for IAAF’s New Studies in Athletics. I’ve been working on compiling this thing for some time now and I think it’s really gonna rock when done. The first time I really had a chance to meet Tom was when he spoke at my companies clinic at the Olympic Trials this summ

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    Kebba Tolbert on #75694

    I sent Coach Tellez a letter when I was a freshman in college because I wanted to get into coaching. I was a huge Carl Lewis/SMTC fan and wanted his advice. He actually took the time to write a short letter back.

    He advised me to read Dyson’s _Mechanics of Athletics_. I think I must have 10-12 Coach T lectures on video on assorted topics such as discus, shot, hurdles, lj, tj, sprint start, sprint mechanics as well as several articles. I’ve had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with him at his ranch discussing javelin, hurdles, pv, tj, etc… His work is something that I go back to whenever I get stuck. His legendary status is well deserved.

    It really is amazing to here both Dan Pfaff say that Coach T has an even better technical eye than him and to hear about his days as a GA when he used to watch film with Coach T. Same thing for Vince Anderson who described him as a human 16mm camera.

    His coaching tree is tremendous!

    BIONIC86 on #75715

    I’m a big fan.

    What DVD is Mike talking about?

    Kebba Tolbert on #75716

    Gold Medal Clinic DVD

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