Thoughts on the State of Coaching

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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #12365

    Last night on CSPAN I was watching a program broadcast from the Cato Institute on the state of the US Military focusing on leadership. The first speaker (sorry I don’t recall the name) highlighted some of the failing of US Military Commanders. Three items that he mentioned made me think immediately about coaching. They were 1) Ahistorical. 2) Technologically infatuated. 3) Culturally clueles

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    antigravitydocg on #68030

    Starzynski, Verhoshanski………guys from way back were so driven in theory development and the science of sports / biomechanics.  "Shock training" from hard surfaces and old plywood boxes………….now plyo boxes that look like furniture pieces.

    Vern is so right here. Learning to respect those who "came before" – coaches and athletes..Viktor Saneyev ( 3 golds and a silver in the triple jump ). A 16 year career in a brutal but beautiful event!

    From my perspective, a Div. I program with no track and a very low budget. I have no excuses; the information is out there and improvising a training facility? I've been to Ukraine and I've read of the great Finns. Yeah Vern, no need to re-invent!

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