Thoughts on changing technique

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  • John Grace
    John Grace on #224323

    Eventually you will get an athlete that has developed some technical flaws either from a previous coach or self-learned. Based on the nature of the fl
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    Rascal P on #224440

    Well said Mr. Grace.  In addition to educating the athlete on how to become faster they must understand why.  Finding the best way to word that isn’t always easy, but if they can see the value in the change then you are on the right path.

    I like to use a working analogy, asking them if they were offered (or if their parents were offered) a position where they were doing what they loved and could work less but get paid more would  you take it?  Understanding that running efficiently and affectively they will get just that.  I don’t know many track athletes who wouldn’t like to run faster and feel better doing it.


    Coach Peterson

    W.E. Price on #224642

    Good posts gentlemen. They certainly help to enhance the corrective action process. It’s also where video can serve as a value-added assistant in many cases.

    Nick Sanders on #226553

    I agree with W.E. Price, that video can serve as a value-added assistent.

    As a coach, I very much like the O’See Sports Video Delay app: (iOS) , (Android)

    It gives faster and more easy video feedback during training, especially when I have no time for doing analysis during training.

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