The Flu

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #15448

        This flu bug that is going around is very nasty. I got sick on February 26 and was in bed for four days including a visit to the hospital ER because of difficulty breathing. Just been spending time trying to get back on my feet. Given the medication and overall feeling of fatigue I did not feel up to any post posts that might be close to coherent. I hope that I will get back into it with this post

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        Aaron Springer on #79182

        I agree completely. I would prefer to take any injury to our local small town Doctor clinic rather than an ER.

        I went to the ER for a broken nose right after it happened only for them to x-ray and then tell me it was not broken. My nose was clearly disfigured and I could feel the bone poking through the skin.
        Went to my local doctor and he told me it was clearly broken and sent me to a specialist who preformed surgery. She later said I would have had major problems had I listened to the ER and just waited for it to heal itself.

        Hometown Doctor: 1
        E.R.: -1

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