Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump

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    Chad Williams on #92490

    I would venture a guess that your foot will approach the midline more often than not. With your running style and slight deviation to the side with your 2nd to last step, your lowers limb will most likely approach the midline. Even if you were to take the jump straight on, the rotation of the hips at TO are going to bring the limbs towards the center line.

    Boo does talk about controlling the free leg to control the jump, so I am sure there is some merit to an active approach. Not something that I would emphasize in a meet situation, but maybe drills and short approaches.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #92494

    Why would it be bad thing to actively control the free leg/foot during take off in your opinion? It’s ok to control the take off leg but not the free leg?

    Chad Williams on #92498

    Not saying it is a bad thing. I do coach my athletes to control rotation with the distal limbs, but the focus always remains on TO during meet situations. Control of the free leg will aide in your ability to create an effective landing by controlling rotation.

    Most of the problems will begin prior to flight, so if you are landing well at the moment, then it is not a concern. Do you feel as though greater control of your free will enhance your current landing?

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #92499

    Yeah, my free leg screws everything up really…i understand that my penultimate is possibly to blame for that…

    but, look at many top guys who also side step the penultimate, (Lewis for sure) and they still have a straight free leg – flight – landing so i think the free leg really plays a big role in terms of balance etc after take off…

    On Sun, i was able to land straight…but was fighting it becuase the free leg was all over the place…and also, clearly we want ALL momentum going up and forwards, so an active, agressive, forward free leg SHOULD aid the jump in someway? Don’t you think?

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