Stride Length And Stride Frequency

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        Craig Pickering on #17673

        “Usain can do the 100m in 41 strides. I take 44. But I have a better stride frequency: 4.96 compared to 4.65. To beat him, I need to maintain my frequency and improve my stride length.” Dwain Chambers (2008)The above quote was by Dwain Chambers as part of his “Project Bolt”, his unsuccessful attempt to beat Usain Bolt at the 2009 World Championships. It deals with the two components of spe

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        Participant on #109170

        Also take into consideration Bolt is 6’5, he’s probably covering three or four more inches with every stride. The same can be said about Asafa (6’3). Lemaitre, (6 ft 2 1⁄2 in). Seems the advantage is leaning towards the taller guy, although I still believe Tyson Gay is twitch for twitch faster than Usain, just not as tall, hence it seems SL dominates SF in elite sprinters. Think Bolt Vs Dix.

        If there are slower sprinters in the 100m and 200m who are obviously stronger than Bolt?, would that mean success in the sprints will not come from more strength-bodyweight? but greater elasticity/spring/technique(stride angle) etc?. Or are all us 6 footers doomed?.

        Edit: Given that both Bolt & Asafa, although the tallest, it’s interesting that they seem to have the ability to generate the greater stride/hip angles than everybody else. Scary to think, these guys seem flawless in every department.


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