strength that results in more speed

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        rrheyn on #13488

        The dream of so many  :wink1:
        For the first time in my life i explore weighttraining and went a little bit on the right way i hope. In my half Sq's i started from 50% bodyweight to 160%.
        But i am doing them slowly, just to be save in the beginning and just a few to start. Some people suggest to do them faster,…But i read an article that the time an elitesprinter hit the ground is 0,087 seconds ! So i am still far away from this speed :dance:
        How do you see that, how i can cope with this problem and execute faster exercises ?

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #67576

        Just deadlift as heavy as possible.

        On a more serious note, I think you need to look at strength training as a general activity that has the following benefits:
        *Increased durability / reduced likelihood of injuries
        *A tool for addressing strength deficiencies / imbalances
        *A means of reducing motor unit inhibition which can in turn take off nervous system speed 'governors'
        *An excellent means of increasing training load and intensity in an easily regulated manner (something which can't always be said for other methods)
        *The easiest method (IMO) for controlling peak performance

        Looking for direct correlations between weight room gains and speed gains can be maddening. The only place I've seen this is for acceleration (with the squat and the clean).

        ELITETRACK Founder

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        rrheyn on #67577

        Thank you very much Mike.

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        senri on #67578

        i was always wondered how you would use weights for control peaking?

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        rrheyn on #67579

        just a mindgame, don't take it too serious 😉

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