Static stretching as part of a thorough warm up

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      • Jake
        Jake on #223895

        I know most people on this forum disagree with static stretching pre speed and power workout. But what if it is used as part of a full warm up eg. Jog/skip, static stretch, mobility locomotives, dynamic flexibility, drills, finishing with nervous system priming.

        Its interesting as Loren seagrave is very much against static pre workout but Dan Pfaff says he doesn’t see any performance decrements out on the track with static stretching.

        With all the hype about static stretching it seems to me that both methods are ok.

        Im not familiar with the research but is the evidence based on primarily on long hold static and jog or is it as part of a progressively dynamic warm up.

        What is also interesting as Dan says is that extremely flexible martial artists and ballet dancers have some of the highest vertical jumps and Olympic lifters are some of the most flexible athletes out there.


        Any thoughts? ? Please give opinions and criticisms 🙂

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