Sprinting: a push or a pull?

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    pzale8018 on #19068

    [quote author="cockysprinter" date="1153694656"]
    i think its definately a push. there is never a time in the sprints when you should feel like you are pulling. biomechanically speaking, it has a pull aspect, but i think the pushing is far more important.

    I tend to agree. I think that cueing athletes to push and having them feel a push is more important than a pull. I am very much anti-grab / pull for teaching sprint mechanics but that is not to say that it doesn't happen. I think having athletes feel the vertical push helps to set up better leg stiffness at ground contact, facilitates a more efficient contact position, and activates the muscles in a more appropriate sequence.

    In terms of cueing the athletes, I completely agree with sprinting being a push.  I would never want my athletes feeling like they are pulling themselves over the ground during a sprint.  That sets them up for way too much injury.
    I agree with mike, in that thinking push sets up much better leg stiffness, better contact position, etc, as was said above.

    That being said, when thinking about the muscles that dominate the action, pulling is definitely what happens, tho again, i'd never cue that.

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