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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #12454

    I wish it were as simple as dead lifting more weight. Improving maximal strength is one factor, not the only factor. Anyone who is trying to make someone faster knows that that ultimately it is about where the rubber meets the road, ground contact. The goal is very simple, put more force into the ground in a shorter amount of time. Strength is a key factor, but there are a multitude of other suppo

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    flow on #68019

    arhg i wish i had a coach who could help me with mechanics -.-
    could anyone elaborate on this:  "They must be trained to take advantage of the body’s natural reflexes, the stumble reflex and the cross extensor reflex" 
    how can that be done!?  would the stumble reflex come in handy at acc.?
    i would love to hear more about this…

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #60095

    The stumble reflex is a natural reflex that occurs when the body is inclined in a forward leaning posture. It results in the foot being quickly thrown forward and force imediately being applied to the ground.

    The cross extensor reflex is another natural reflex that causes simultaneous extension of the support leg when the contralateral leg is flexed.

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