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        fleekoo on #8286

        I’ve really been wanting to work on my sprinting lately. I want to get faster and I was wondering the best way to go about this. Is it best when sprinting to take short quick steps, or open my stride? And how would I go about building up my speed and strength when I sprint?

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        tank on #19200

        think about all the things that contribute to speed: stride length and stride frequency. in sprinting, you have to find the best combination of these parts to propel your body forward the fastest. to get faster, you need to work out with these principles in mind.

        stride length: work on your running technique and power. work on your mechanics to become more efficient. lift for explosive power. you will need to work on your flexibility, but you don’t need to be a gymnast. being too flexible will undermine your technique, cause you too be less efficient. got that?

        stride frequency: part of this will come from the explosive lifting, the other part willl come from plyometric training and things of that nature (i.e. overspeed)

        not really helpful, huh? i’m not the greatest guy to get advice from. hope this gets you thinking though.

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