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      • Carl Valle
        Carl Valle on #15057

        I went to the MFA with my friend Sarah last week to see some of my favorite exhibits, as well as take a look at the Herb Ritts gallery. His photography was known for clean lines, the classic Greek ideals, and of course black and white. I like photography, but because the medium is used by non artists it is hard to take full advantage of the art without study. So I read more about photography and l

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        RussZHC on #74545

        I would add, “Don’t be locked into observation from ‘set’ positions.”
        Sometimes coaching you can start staying too close to those angles that motion analysis needs (90 degrees or 180 degrees) for the best measurements. One of the best things I got from Wilbur Ross’s book on hurdling was observing from approximately a 3/4 rear view, the idea being, at least partially, that the observing eye is not as distracted by the board of each hurdle and you can watch for precursors on actions.

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