Should you correct running technique?

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #17625

    Dr. Yessis was kind enough to submit the following thought-provoking entry for the elitetrack blog. He brings up some great points that are quite similar to ones I have raised on this site’s forum before. I am always surprised at the number of runners and coaches fromaround the country, who strongly believe that you should neverchange running technique. They have been indoctrinated with themyth t

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    Mccabe on #108883

    In my (limited) experience it is a case of old habits die hard. When a lot of athletes are starting out their coaches lack the knowledge to be able to provide the feedback and when their athletes move on with bad habits ingrained the new coach may lack the motivation to break them down believing they won’t be able to change.

    One of my friends has played soccer for 14 years, has fairly bad knee lift. He came with me to a meet and clocked 13.23, we have have had 2 sessions with him and been over basic drills and he is running 12.5 now.

    To support the other side of the argument, a 18 year old kid in my group who ran 1:50.3 for the 800 indoors runs like he has rigor mortis and when his right foot touches down it points about 80 degrees outward from where it should.

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