Rotten to the Core?

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #120369

    “Global movements are brain based patterns rather than simple force based bone reactions and this means we probably have a way of self organizing to achieve the task with our individual structure, motor learning and previous movement experiences.”I happened to stumble onto this as it seems that Biomechanics doesn’t mean anything now. After reading about the clinical testing limitations I am get

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    Daniel Andrews on #120481


    Recently, I have been working with a young man who is 13 years old and has mobility issues around his hips. What I have seen and when I had a blog I once wrote a piece called “Core Misconception”, is a misaligned focus of “core” work on abdominals and obliques. This often translates to weak hip flexion, adduction, and abduction in large chain movements such as sprint acceleration, squats, getting set as a football lineman, inability to stay in an athletic position while moving such as lateral movements in field or court sports. A huge part of this problem seems to be the shift away from skills based PE to the new aerobic based PE, but I also believe there has been a lack of dynamic or ballastic type activities in warm ups, dynamic flex routines, and general strength training as part of an athletes training because a lot of today’s coaches compartmentalize there training to the latest and greatest craze.

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