Roswell’s 110mH Olympic Trials Training Log

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    Roswell on #115460

    CV – it’s a Frans Bosche exercise, which is more a remnant of my collegiate training if anything. As I think about it, it is more specific to flat sprinting, since I had to perform in the 100m at that time. It does seem like it’s time to switch it around some.

    Matt – I feel like I’m getting better at it, but I also feel like it’s a slow process that will materialize more next season than this.

    So Thursday I had a speed workout, with the typical 8.94m spacing and 39″. It felt a bit better than the prior one, as I was able to go under 8.00 again, but it certainly wasn’t as fast as my times prior to massage. This worries me a bit, as my meet is fast approaching (on April 21st). I am also concerned that I’ve been taking my training a bit too easy this week, so I think that I’m going to try to get in some high intensity short workouts this week so as not to make myself too sore but to get my nervous system used to the stress.

    My workout on Thursday’s times were:
    8.27 (wasn’t quite warmed up enough for this one)

    I’ll have a video of some up when I get back to my computer.

    Friday I did tempo, and I wasn’t super sore or anything, just used it for recovery.

    Saturday I had a meet to coach at, and today I have work until 7pm, so I can try to get a workout in if it’s still light out, and if not I’ll prolly lift for some muscle stim.

    Also as a side note I use ithlete and have been dieting rigorously, so I’ll start posting those numbers too.
    Today my HRV was 80 and my weight was 191

    Roswell on #115404

    I did indeed manage to get in some tempo while it was still light out, and I actually felt really nice and recovered, without soreness or pain or anything, which I think bodes well for the meet. I also lifted, learning from last time:
    3×5 lat pulldowns 165 lbs
    3×5 low rows 150 lbs
    3×5 DB bench 70 lbs per hand
    3×5 parallel box squats 185 lbs
    3×5 per leg pistol squats without weight
    3×5 per leg lunges without weight

    As a side note, I just was looking at the heat sheet and the top seed in my heat ran 13.66 the other week, so while I think it’s different for everyone, I love having great competition and running against high level athletes. I think that while I can run by myself (in my 14.06 race I won by over a second), the meets that I break plateaus are usually with good competition. I’m really excited

    Roswell on #100652

    It was a little bit hotter today than usual, which is good, since it’s supposed to be 90 at the meet this weekend. I felt pretty good warming up, not necessarily really fast, just light. I ran 4×5 60mH at 8.94 and 39″, a typical speed day. I tried to not think too much about form, and just about going fast, imitating the mindset that I try to have at a meet. the result was that my trail arm was coming out long behind me, and I’m not entirely sure what my lead arm was doing, as I’d have to review the one video I have further. My times were thus:


    At that point I stopped, as I didn’t want to overdo it the week of the meet, plus the unfamiliar heat was making me more fatigued than normal. I was very happy that I was able to run fast again, as I was worrying that I wouldn’t be able to before the time that I needed to. My recent times also indicate to me that I should be warming up more. I definitely would rather when I run the race it be correlated with the 7.61 rather than the 8.00.

    I am also feeling a little bit under the weather today, but it’s just a slight cough and runny nose, so I figure that it’s just allergies and a post-nasal drip. Even so, I’m putting extra emphasis on drinking tons of fluids lately and getting lots of sleep (which is really what I should be doing anyway). I’ll have a video up of the 7.74 later today.

    EDIT: HRV:62.5
    Weight: 191.4

    Roswell on #100670

    This is at 75% speed. My start felt fairly slow when I ran this, and I only really felt like I got going when I got to hurdle 3.

    Roswell on #100634

    Weight: 190.8
    HRV: 83.9

    Did some low volume tempo today, just 12×100. I don’t play on doing much for the rest of the week, just some light stim tomorrow with some starts and perhaps some tempo friday to keep muscle tone up in preparation for the meet the next day.

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #100664

    I would do the McCoy drill to help with your body alignment. You can do 3 x 10 hurdles twice a week without interfering with your training plan by doing them on the turf. I find this a great solution for many athletes working on getting front side dominant and better posture.

    Roswell on #100623

    I would do the McCoy drill to help with your body alignment. You can do 3 x 10 hurdles twice a week without interfering with your training plan by doing them on the turf. I find this a great solution for many athletes working on getting front side dominant and better posture.

    What’s the McCoy Drill? I’m sure I’ve seen it some place or another, but I’ve never heard anything called that. Do you have a video?

    Roswell on #106893

    Weight: 192.5 (used 1 cheat meal a week yesterday)
    HRV: 75.2

    Just did starts from blocks to 3 hurdles several times today, no need to kill it today so close to the meet. I’m kinda sore today as a result of DOMS from 2 days ago. I’m sure it will clear up by Saturday though.

    Participant on #106883

    McKoy drill is 3 stride on 1/2 spacing

    Roswell on #113248

    Ok, back from my meet today , which certainly didn’t go as planned (unfortunately). I felt great all day, even though I was out at the meet for around 4 hours prior to the race, I had umbrella shade and made sure to hydrate appropriately.

    I felt really fresh and light going over hurdles warming up, and a bit inspired, as warming up with the likes of ashton eaton and jason richardson will do.

    I got out of the blocks pretty well, despite the false start in my heat, but my speed endurance was lacking after hurdle 5, which caused the guy on my trail leg side to catch up. In doing so, we collided somehow and my trail leg and lead arm caught something of his, causing me to basically lose all control on hurdle 7 and resulting in a 14.33. The winner ran 13.69, and while I definitely don’t think I would’ve won, I think that this race had the potential to be in the 13.8s.

    Also now there’s a gigantic hole in my spike. and a smaller hole in my pinky. Here’s a video of the race. I’m in lane 7 so it’s not the greatest view, but it’s ok.

    I also notice that I definitely drop off after hurdle 5. In hindsight, this season has been lacking in speed endurance workouts compared to my previous ones. I have my last meet of the season in 2 weeks on may 5th. I’ll be trying to get some in before that time. I’ll try and fit in the McKoy drill as well.

    Roswell on #113429

    Weight: 195.0
    HRV: 59.0

    Did some light tempo today with a med ball circuit. I decided that since this is my last meet this season, that I’m going to do a 10 day taper for it, the first day of which is tomorrow. I’m going to be following the Charlie Francis tapering protocol, which will begin with some a hard speed endurance workout for the first day of the taper. Some days will be difficult, as my coaching is going to require us to host the league championship meet this weekend, but it just means getting up a bit earlier than normal.

    I also plan on incorporating the McKoy drill on my workout days as a warmup

    Roswell on #115919

    Weight: 194.0
    HRV: 72.4

    I was really out of my practice mentally today. However, as promised, I did the McKoy drill 3×10 hurdles for warmup, then 3×12 hurdles with 10 mins rest for speed endurance. I have some videos but they’re not the best as I didn’t have the tripod today so my camera was on the ground.

    I liked the McKoy drill, especially on the grass even though it took a long time to set up; I feel like it added something to my previous warmup and allowed me to think about form more than I usually would at that point in the workout. My mental detachment from the workout caused me to not get everything out of it that I’d like – I think during the 12 hurdles I was kinda just going through the motions and my speed wasn’t very high even though I was still tired afterwards

    Roswell on #116110

    Weight: 192.6
    HRV: ?? – I took it at first and it read 57 or so, and I thought hm that can’t be right, so I retook it and it said 32, so I have no idea what it is today.

    Today I just did tempo in the form of 4×400, so a little less volume than my typical 2000m. I also lifted later in the day:
    5×2 hang cleans at 135 lbs
    5×3 bench press up to 225 lbs (which is fairly heavy for me but not maxing out)

    Tomorrow will be a speed day, gonna try to be more mentally prepped for it.

    Roswell on #116217

    Been a little lax lately! I’ll give a rundown on what I’ve been up to with my taper:

    4/27: Speed (low volume)
    2×30 stand
    2×3 hurdles
    1×7 hurdles, submaximal pace (95%)
    -This was at around 11pm, and I was pretty tired after hosting the league championships for my college. I still did the workout, but I don’t think I was able to accomplish the correct intensities even though it was submaximal work.

    4/28: Lifting
    6×2 hang clean and jerk up to 135 lbs
    6×3 bench at 135 lbs
    -I was gonna do tempo this day, but because we were hosting the league championships I didn’t have time to do it earlier in the day due to setting up and I was exhausted at the end of the day.

    4/29: Speed (low volume)
    2×3 hurdles
    1×9 hurdles, submaximal pace (95%)

    4/30: Day off

    5/1: Tempo (low volume) + Lifting
    bench 3s up to 225 lbs

    5/2: Speed
    2×30 stand
    2×3 hurdles from blocks
    -This was the first day that I actually felt like the taper was having an effect. I had more energy and felt like I was running more downhill on the hurdles than I had been throughout the taper.

    5/3: Rest/recovery
    contrast shower, foam rolling, getting good quality sleep. All that good pre-meet stuff.

    Upon reflection of the taper up to this point, I think that my fitness was not high enough for me to taper at this point. I think that I will be competing in potentially a couple more meets this season, which is good from the poor planning perspective, but I think I took it a little too easy in the week before my last meet to warrant a full 10 day taper. I will keep this in mind for planning for future meets and seasons.

    Roswell on #116239

    So the meet didn’t go exactly as I had planned it – which was predictable given my workouts prior to the meet. I ran 14.43, which its good compared to last year, but because of this poor showing, I decided to include a couple more meets to this season’s schedule. The first meet is on 5/12, so I don’t expect to do amazingly well at it, but rather to train through it. The final meet will be on 5/27, which is basically the last meet that I could find anywhere nearby, so I’m hoping that that will be enough time to recover from this taper.

    Here is a video from the meet, I’m in lane 6:

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