Roswell’s 110mH Olympic Trials Training Log

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    Roswell on #119842

    Took it easy today, low energy, low HRV, sore from yesterday.

    Bike 6x(15 hard 45 easy)

    Wall hurdling:

    Extensive tempo 10x100m

    Matt Norquist on #119844

    Re: driving and competing – so true – I once had a flight (5 hours), drive (2 hours) and then attempted to compete, and it was a disaster. Hips would not open up at all!

    Roswell on #119852

    Re: driving and competing – so true – I once had a flight (5 hours), drive (2 hours) and then attempted to compete, and it was a disaster. Hips would not open up at all!

    Phew rough! Most of my meets are in LA, which is a 2-3 hour drive. Sometimes I can stay with some of my friends that live there, but I can’t impose on them that often. The best was one time I got to a meet at UCLA and one of the trainers there did a chiropractic demonstration on me to some students, and I felt great after that! Unfortunately it has never happened again..

    Roswell on #119853

    Felt much better today (easy recovery day anyway).

    Physioball/ab circuits

    3×2 90% Jerks: 90kg
    3×10 Barbell skips: 50kg
    -superset with 3×20 Glute Ham Raise: bodyweight

    Roswell on #119864

    Lots to update upon! (new job, pretty busy lately)


    4x1H 42″
    2x2H 42″ @8.91m
    2x3H 42″ @8.91m


    Did nothing, recovery


    Felt ok, but ran crappy. 14.67 I think. Important: I had a really good first hurdle, but afterwards my lead leg was coming up way too high to be able to snap down efficiently. I believe this is because I’m used to going over hurdles subsequent to the first at 39″, so I compensate by trying to go extra high. There were other problems with the race, but this is what I’m focusing on. Henceforth I’ll be doing short hurdle work at 42″, and hurdle endurance only at 39″, to keep the feeling consistent.


    Due to fuelling myself with orange chicken prior to this workout, I was unable to complete it unfortunately. So I only ended up doing 2 150s:

    2x(3×150) (unfinished):
    16.42 – running this fast prolly didn’t help the orange chicken throwing up factor


    I took it easy this day because my trail leg wasn’t at 100%, and I want to be rested for Oxy on Saturday, so I only went to 5 hurdles. As stated earlier, I’ll only be using 42″ for this short work.

    4x1H 42″
    4x2H 42″ @8.91m
    3x3H 42″ @8.91m
    2x4H 42″ @8.91m
    1x5H 42″ @8.91m

    Despite not really feeling great, I was actually running pretty well. There were a couple of other hurdlers doing starts nearby, so I’m sure that helped a bit. I was pretty consistently at 2.29 to the first hurdle, and all the splits that I remember were below 1.20, going as low as 1.06. Granted the splits inbetween hurdles is slightly off from race splits because of the shorter interhurdle distance, but those times are comparable to mine when I’m going over 39″, so that’s good. For reference, in my race that I ran 13.88, I averaged around 1.12 between hurdles, going as low as 1.09 and as high as 1.16.


    Just gonna do some abs and recovery today.

    David Woods on #119900

    Re: the 14.67 – That track is a slow track, so take that into consideration.

    Roswell on #119912


    Did nothing


    Meh 14.21. Arms flailing all over the place. Again had a good start, but the rest of the race was rather languid. Had a dip in COM around hurdles 5-6-7. Lack of consistency throughout the race.


    I’m fairly sure that I strained my illiopsoas in my trail leg, so I just biked all week with some light lifting. Not quite ready to give up on the season yet. I still have Jim Bush on June 1 and the SDUSATF meet at the OTC whenever that is.

    Roswell on #119923


    Decided to actually practice today because I felt good and I figured there’s no real point in rehabbing this late in the season. Had a good practice nonetheless.

    3x150m 3:00 rest:

    2x150m 3:00 rest:

    3×3 70% Front Squat: 100kg (went a little too heavy on this, got overzealous)
    3×2 90% Power Cleans: 110kg
    3×1 95% Power Cleans: 120kg (which is actually a PR for me by 20kg, which I did not realize when putting on the weight)

    Still nervous about hurdling again

    Roswell on #119938


    Began with a normal hurdle day, but almost immediately after doing hurdle specific warmups, my trail leg started aching, so I just turned it into a tempo day, as it doesn’t seem to affect me during normal running as much.

    10x100m tempo


    Standard recovery day of ab circuits, didn’t lift today because of laze.


    Tried to hurdle again this day, it went a bit better. The workout called for blocks to 5, but it only got to 4 before I decided not to risk it. Then I got frustrated and ran a 150 instead.

    4x1H 42″
    3x2H 42″ 8.91m
    2x3H 42″ 8.91m
    1x4H 42″ 8.91m

    1x150m: 16.15

    Lifting: attempting to strengthen my trail leg hip complex
    3×3 Hip Snatch: 65kg
    3×2 Jerks: 90kg
    3×20 back extensions: bodyweight
    3×10 hip adduction: 100 lbs
    3×10 banded trail leg pullthroughs





    This week hopefully going to finalize my coaching arrangements for next year. Some infrastructural changes are in the works for how training is done for T&F athletes at the OTC, so hopefully those work out in my favor, but if they don’t I don’t think it’ll impact me that much.

    Roswell on #120166

    Alright after a short summer break, I’m alive again.

    First, a season review:
    Last season was definitely a step backwards for me (13.88->14.1x). There were a lot of convoluting factors though, so I can’t really narrow it down to one in particular. Certainly some of the bigger ones were that I moved down to San Diego and expected to have a training group and coach, which only lasted for a few months before the season. Although I may have the capactiy to coach myself, I was more than a little dejected by the loss of these training factors, and wasn’t really prepared for the situation that I found myself in. Near the end of the season, I had some injury complications, and mentally I was pretty done with the season, and lacked overall fitness, exemplified by only really being able to run 50m of any race.

    I’m very confident about the upcoming season. I’ll be working with Tonie Campbell, and will be starting on Monday in order to actually be in shape for some indoor races, instead of just using it as a training tool. Over my time off, I’ve basically been exclusively focusing on explosivity and low impact stuff. Mostly for cardio I just do elliptical/treadmill. My explosive workouts typically contain some or all of the following:
    power cleans
    box jumps
    explosive leg press
    med ball throws
    Tonie has expressed the want to get me to properly execute a 7 step approach, which I think will be pretty easy if implemented properly this early in the year.

    Training will be pretty different this year I think, but Tonie has expressed the need to incorporate a good amount of the 60m intensive training that I was successful on before, which makes me happy. His workouts that I’ve taken part inlast year were pretty intense, so I’m not at all worried about my conditioning, which has been my problem in the latter part of the season in the past.

    Roswell on #120178



    Not actually a hard workout on paper, since it was just at a sustainable pace (~32 seconds) focusing on technique, but I did learn two things:
    Holy crap I’m not used to running turns – upper IT band and my groin a bit on my left leg got pretty stiff near the end, as did my left foot
    I suck at pacing myself.

    As far as things to go wrong, I think it could be much worse, they’ll get better as I get more in shape and as the season progresses.

    Core circuit

    3×8 explosive deadlifts: 225 lbs
    3×8 hang cleans: 135
    3×8 explosive half squats: 185 lbs

    Pretty light day in the weightroom because it was an introductory session for some people. Gonna try to roll out and actually get to bed on time tonight, as I’m sure I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow regardless of how hard the workout was

    Roswell on #120181


    30 min recovery jog (very slow, ~10 min miles)

    Ab circuit

    Hip flexors -particularly my leg one – still sore from actually having to get my knees up for the first time in a while, but they feel much better than yesterday, so I figure it’s just soreness and not some latent injury. Contrast shower and rolling out today.

    Roswell on #120188


    7x400m (grass)

    Emphasis on drive phase for 50m and the last 50m. Since I never accelerate or end on a turn, I started at halfway down the straightaway. Today was far easier than Monday because I didn’t pace myself off the 400 guys and did it more like the tempo workout that it is (whaddya know).

    Ab circuit

    3×8 explosive power cleans: 135 lbs
    3×8 clean and jerks: 135 lbs
    3×4 snatches: 135 lbs

    Lifting will be pretty light for a little bit, we’re just working on bar speed. I went a little heavier on snatches because I didn’t wanna change the weight and I felt pretty comfortable with it.

    Hip flexors and everything that was in pain before still hurts, but its much duller now, Getting used to turning left

    Roswell on #120202


    Same as Tuesday, except that I did my 30 min jog on the elliptical instead because I got a big blister on the arch of my foot yesterday, so just lessening the friction against it. Should be fine for the hill workout tomorrow. I added some stretching at the end because I’m currently not able to fully lay out over the hurdle, which I may or may not end up incorporating into my technique, but I would like to be able to should the need arise.

    30 min slow recovery jog (ellitpcial)

    Ab/med ball circuit

    Hurdle stretching

    Roswell on #120223


    6x200m(ish) hills @ ~10% grade

    Ab circuit – one exercise inbetween reps

    Pretty grueling today. I appreciated not having to turn, but 200m is a long way up a hill. Predictably, my form/energy/everything suffered on the latter half of every rep except the first one; as proven by the last couple seasons, my late race -hurdle 6 onwards – is the weakest link, and these are the types of practices that I’m loathe to do by myself. Legs were pretty close to buckling on the walk down from rep 2 onwards. Just more late-half-of-the-race conditioning.

    On a seperate note, I’m training with about 7 other people, and I feel like it really helps to be in that kind of competitive environment again. There aren’t any other 110 guys, but we’re not doing any hurdle stuff for a while anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Tough first week, but I could feel myself adapting to it throughout the week already, so that’s a good sign. The initial specific aches and pains are slowly fading away into general soreness.

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