Regeneration Metrics Part 2- Lactate and HRV Curves

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17684

    The lactate phases are produce, reduce, use. Focusing on correct training sequences, we are not going to see the influx of injury. A good indicator of what is good is both a combination of injury rates and improvement in performance. Someone asked me about the Dutch Tables and HRV and suggested that it was the repeat sprint ability methods of Beyern Munich- connecting former Dutch Coaches or curre

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    Carson Boddicker on #109305


    I’ve looked into the lactate/HRV connection without much success as far as references go. What did you use to develop your conclusions here? I’d be interested in reading those as well.

    Carson Boddicker

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #109307


    I will post the pdf after I get back from Tampa. I can’t upload pdfs here so I will link the tables on elitetrack. Thanks for your interest. Anything else?

    Have you used a lactate tester and are doing anything with HRV and blood panels in AZ? I don’t know anything beyond the 400m and up with this information.

    Some interesting team data.

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