Reflecting on 2010 in 2020

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      • Carl Valle
        Carl Valle on #17253

        Fads come and go, but the barbell remains the same. Respect it accordingly.” – Jim WendlerRemember how we laughed at people falling off Stability Balls trying to enhance proprioception? How much stability ball work are we doing now? In ten years the activation nonsense will be replaced with good old structural balance and warm-up. Corrective exercises will be one or two in a program eventually in

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        Participant on #104382

        This was refreshing to read. Where I train I’m surrounded by “shiny-new-toy” syndrome and while I understand that from a business/marketing perspective, I’m always a little dissapointed with the distractedness.

        Pick a goal you want strong enough, add to that time restrictions due to career, family and friends and you soon realize what’s going to get you the biggest bang (transfer) for your buck (time and energy). Thanks for the Jeremy Frisch recommendation as well.

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        star61 on #104393

        Reading this reminded me of my senior year in basketball way, way back in 1979. We all wanted to improve our vertical and first step, so our coach drug out this leather medicine ball that looked like it had been used in the 60’s by Soviet shot putters…outside. We laughed and thought, ‘what a dope’. Little did we know that that had we actually learned to use the medicine ball as part of an explosive training program, it would have been one of the best tools we had to achieve what we wanted. Some times old school is a lot smarter than the new math.

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        Rich Tolman(mr-glove) on #104394

        I’d be surprised if “3 for 5, 5 for 10” survives 2011.

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