Redsox and Liverpool FC- GPS Data?

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17998

    “Liverpool uses advanced technological methods and a heavy reliance on data to prepare a group of players to play as many as 65 matches between July and May. GPS tracking and heart-rate monitors provide the data points for on-field conditions. The club also monitors off-field factors such as sleeping and eating habits to ensure players remain at their peak physical condition.”-NESNNobody loves t

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    Houle on #112666

    What kind of timeline software do you use/recommend? Any freeware?

    In a distance/MD runner, what kind of data would you collect? The research for predicting a state of overtraining is very vague and inconclusive but anything you have heard working well?

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #112677

    I am not an endurance coach so I would be making stuff up if I told you what to do regarding data collection- But I think is a great start. Also I like as well. Sleep and stress load are two objective ways to get indicators of recovery and workload. If you share me your email I can send some stuff your way, as no free software exists that is solid enough for me to endorse it.

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