Recovery from Training and Recovery from Competition

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #18282

    I have been reading a lot of misinformation on recovery and regeneration, both from a theoretical perspective and a research interpretation problem. Much of the new thoughts on recovery stem from HRV ideas and some come from the “Russian Secrets” that is more myth than reality. To set the record straight, Mel Siff was a wonderful man but after talking to him with my therapist he is not a first h

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    Anthony Wallace on #115994

    Very True. I have made it on recovery days for our athletes i make it a goal to bring in music and be a complete nut while they foam roll and go thru a gen strength session. By making those days fun, they dont realize that they are putting in the proper time needed to get ready for the next hard session. In the same breath, i do the workout with them but bc i have more energy then most 21yr old athletes today(im 32) I am working on recoverying with them bc i know the importance. At my age being able to traing perfectly is better than just training to be training. Our staff also go with them to the training room to relax while they ice bath and get treatment. They are ready to run fast but they understand that they have deposited all of the money in the bank and there are only a few more deposits to make before we need to start making withdrawls. But again these are kids who understand why we do what we do and dont see something on youtube or internet and want to just try it bc it sounds cool.
    ALL IN ALL CARL GOOD READ KEEP IT UP. YOU BREAK UP THIS DAY AT MY 1ST JOB AND GIVE ME GOOD CONVO AT PRACTICE DAILY. ALL of my athletes think i live at a HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS, but all i am doing is researching and getting advice from professionals.

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