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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17872

    Jeremy Frisch wrote a thought provoking summary why he split snatches some athletes in his Testosterone Magazine article. I am a fan of Jeremy since he uses real training to address bad functioning bodies. Let’s face it, joints are tight and muscles are weak, and using gravity and velocity is far more effective then doing wannabe PT work. I believe in High Low therapy, meaning either do it right

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    Rune Brix on #111088

    Jeremy article was good, but i was missing some progression in relation to injury reduction of the back leg. Bad coordination into a split stance squat will create alot of bad tissue. Better to do:

    – split squat with BB overhead
    – Lounge with BB overhead
    both great tools for strengthing and strecthing the hip flexores. Still some issues with the SI joint, QL, adductors. Whats your experience with this. Any changes in pelvic movement?

    i am pretty sure you and i know Jeremy would progress with something similar to this

    Rich Tolman(mr-glove) on #111097

    While I think the corrective pendulum may be starting to swing back to center, this video sums things up nicely.

    Simply substitute two young trainers for the couple, exercises for the prizes, and an industry guru who had a little too much kool-aid for Steve Martin’s character.

    Couple: Out of all these great exercises, which ones can we do?

    Guru: Just these few exercises right here

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