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    Derrick Brito on #119355

    That’s a pretty useful discounted hurdle timing conversion, I used to just compare the times to similarly discounted runs when I was timing myself in practice all the time last year.

    I start at 30cm, and move them out 5cm about every 2 weeks. It’s quite possible that I could just start at normal distance, but in the past it just feels sluggish, especially in the November/December time frame, when I’m only working on acceleration.

    As for individuals, I can’t speak with much credibility, as most of my experience is from my own workouts/experiences, and I have limited coaching familiarity. I would think that the difference between race height and a lower height wouldn’t have as much of an effect on women’s hurdles than it would on men’s. For a 5’10” girl, 30″ or 33″ would still be well below their inseam, whereas I would think that a 6′ guy would have to raise himself up over 39″ a little bit (I’m 6’4″ so not entirely sure).

    I see. 30cm isn’t that much of change so I can’t see it hurting.

    Sorry, in my example I tried to condense a lot of information into a couple sentences. The 5’10” girl could do a lot of things in theory that she didn’t do in practice. We probably had 100+ practices together. When I first got her, her hips were raising maybe a foot over the hurdle. Regardless of the distance, it was still way beyond what you would expect from a girl so tall. After dropping the hurdles to 30″, she continued to soar above the hurdle, but it was roughly 3″ lower overall. But if I brought it back up to 33″, she would go right back up those 3″. Over time, she got used to 30″, and would clear a 30″ and 33″ hurdle the same way.

    Derrick Brito on #224363

    I’ll resurrect this thread since it has so many of my observations already. I didn’t work for a school this year, but I did work with a couple kids at the request of one of my mentors. The most notable was a senior boy who had struggling with his 3 step. While we also made a couple technique changes, I think the biggest difference maker was the addition of speed drills starting with 30″ hurdles. I worked him up to the 36s in a couple days and he dropped his PR from 17.8c to 16.7 FAT the next week. His season ended the week after with a 16.6 PR but I’m pretty confident he would have run close to 16.0 with another week or two. He was running that well in practice, he just didn’t get a chance to do it in a race.

    The other kid dropped her times a second as well, but that was from switching her from a five step to a four step, and getting her to eight step the first hurdle.

    I bring up this anecdote because I think it reveals a critical time frame that it takes an athlete with good technique to transition to good times. This particular athlete didn’t adjust as fast as some of the kids I’ve coached, so I think if you have an athlete you are trying to get into the 15s, getting them good technique 4 weeks before you need them to break 16 should be enough.

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