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        underdog_19 on #15063

        I’ve been reading through a lot of these threads and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Most of the threads talk about stretching before the workout. What do you guys recommend after a workout?

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #74564

        I usually don’t do traditional static stretching after a speed-power workout. I’ll do it after recovery or general fitness workouts but even then it’s more yoga type (with focus on breathing) or fascial stretching methods. I will occasionally do it following speed-power workouts if I think that the workout or preceding workouts will necessitate it or external circumstances (long bus / plane rides, lots of life stress, etc). In these cases, I’m actually more likely to do a ‘choice stretch’ routine where I recommend the athletes pick a prescribed number of stretches. Generally, they stretch what needs to be stretched (if anything actually needs it) and even if it doesn’t it provides some training program autonomy which is relatively important in my opinion.

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        underdog_19 on #74573

        Cool, thanks for the info. Right now I’m running a fine line with giving my high school team autonomy. I’m taking over a program where the kids were their own “autonomous state.” Needless to say it got out of hand. So while I want to give them some freedom, I can see a lot of them taking off or giving it a 5 minute blow through as soon as I say “Stretch on your own.”

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