Plyometrics for a sprinter

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        sircharlesxiv on #17306

        I’m a 55-400m sprinter, but I realized that the biggest problem I have is that I am not as explosive as some of the other runners. I’ve been lifting for a while now, and well as sprinting and jogging so my base strength is more than what I need to start plyos. I was just wondering what would be a good 3-day plan of more intense plyometric drills for a sprinter? I plan on doing a Monday-Wednesday-Friday style workout.

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        utfootball4 on #104771

        Depends where you are in your training year.

        GPP: Jump circuits and box jumps up

        SPP: Jump circuits on low int days,hurdle jumps, and skips/bounds

        SPP2: Hurdle jumps, depth jumps – low box, and skips/bounds

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