Plyometric ContractionTypes

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17178

    Six contractile styles predominate plyometric training. They are rapid response, controlled power, isometric reloading, buoyant, stick, and the soft style. The first three are for production and reduction, and the last three are landing only. Coaches can manipulate the rate of eccentric action, concentric exchange time, joint emphasis, and range of motion. Before it was just the choices of visual

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    robanderson on #103862

    Hi carle,
    First time I’ve heard of plyometric styles: where can we get more information regarding this categorization??

    CoachVick on #103868

    Interesting. I look at eccentric actions in terms of force production and reduction. I use the analogy of shocks and springs usually and with-in each are the different types of contraction to meet the movement goal. I think I can guess bouyant, but can you describe or give an example?

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #103871

    PM me your email addresses and I will send you some suggestions for reading… much is out there it’s hard to collect information.

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