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    CoachKW on #8289

    How do you get a picture of yourself posted such as MIke has done? the hurdler is pretty cool as well 😉

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #19211

    After you’ve logged in, go to “Your Control Panel / Options” then go to “Edit Profile” and then you will have a line labeled “Avatar URL,” this is where you put the URL of a pic. As of right now, you can’t upload a picture you have to link to one. Also, it doesn’t control the picture size so you’ll want to get a small picture (somewhere in the neighborhood of 1′ in width or 120 pixels). You can edit pictures pretty easily in photoshop or any other digital editing software or you can even do it in powerpoint.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    flight05 on #19212

    to get the url of the picture:

    u cant just name the website that the picture is from… like http://www.track.com

    you need to right click the picture you want…and click properties…you will see a url in there….copy and paste that into your avatar url box.

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