Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #15200

    OK. Here’s my last video (at least until I return home from a family visit in NY). This one’s a 5 minute clip from the DVD titled, Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump. The video was shot at the HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Clinic held at the 2008 Olympic Trials. In this video, legendary coach, Tom Tellez, teaches the mechanics that made Carl Lewis and many others to elite status in t

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    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #75908

    Interesting stuff…

    Some fundermental differences in what he’s saying and what i’ve heard other top coaches say.

    And, wasn’t he around when Beamon jumped? He said he’s never seen anyone who’s last stride wasn’t the shortest. I know its rare but…not true!

    I just don’t know if you can use Carl Lewis as the model take off. I think a lot of the time he cut his take off short but was so fast he got away with it.

    And he’s talking about a “PULL” prior to hitting the board…The issue has always been once your ON the board…

    Nice video though.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #75915

    I like what he said about keeping the body perpendicular. I have a problem with this sometimes…i think Pedroso did this really well.

    ex400 on #75917

    From all the stuff you have posted, I believe that you intentionally place your take-off foot well in front of what Tellez is advocating. From that position, pulling “once you are on the board” may be logical, even necessary. But if you place your take-off foot where he is talking about, I don’t think pulling is even possible.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #75918

    Well in front? Im not sure about that. Did he say how far in front he feels it should be i cant remember?

    The pull i talk about has to come directly from the push of the penultimate…one doesnt really work without the other…the 2 work together to achieve that movement…

    Im not saying i get it right at the moment. But i feel thats the best way to do it. Sometimes my foot does go TOO far in front yes. Thats because i lean back a little sometimes, as Tellez was saying this is bad. However, when you are crazy fast like Phillips, it doesn’t do that much harm. His best ever jump saw him virtually lay backwards before take off…lol.

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